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Cabs GoZo is a professional taxi service provider for outstations. - Revision of Gozo Cabs, New Delhi, India From Chandigarh to Manali and back with Gozo. A taxi was provided with all necessary information in due course and the price was calculated as stated at the moment of reservation. Also the taxi provided was as desired. On our trip from Manali to Chandigarh we had to fight with the rider, because he drove prematurely and once slept as well.

GoZo does not have its own taxi company and depends on the taxi companies that work with them. I suggest to be really cautious when choosing GoZo because crashes can occur at any time if the rider is not cautious. When you can find a trustworthy chauffeur, it is better to use him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your comments. Enter your reservation ID. You' re right, Gozo uses a partnership ecosystem of cars. However, we have a strict check and supervision of car cleanness, service protocols and drivers security. Each journey is not only checked by the client for service responses, but also for aspects such as friendliness, clothing regulations, roadworthiness, etc.

Please reply to the verification e-mail you would have automatically recieved from Gozo (or call us with your reservation ID and we can send it again). As soon as you give the rider a bad response for his quick ride, we (Advocacy-Team) inspect the rider and lock the car and the rider for further cooperation with us.

Don't delay responding with your reservation ID, and I will ensure that we take concrete steps for your Drivers Response. Thank you for the check and the feed-back. The Gozo service makes sense in every respect. My only complaints is that they couldn't deliver the kind of car I asked for.

You provided 2 years older models, but are in good state. Mr. Ankit Bharadwaj is a very kind man, not only in terms of safety, but also as a tourist leader and helps us in all respects. All in all it is a great service and a good feeling for us from Chandigarh to Dharamshala. Thanks for your input.

As a rule, we undertake to provide a car of the type you have booked - i.e. compact, limousine, SUV, etc. - for your use. But it is hard for us to determine a particular car type or year. Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to supporting you again. The driver was very kind and professionally.

They are pleased with the service they render. I never thought that taxi bookings and trips could be so uncomplicated for your bag. It was a punctual cabin, the rider was well dazed, familiar with the tracks and highly supportive. Like they say: Go Gozo! The Call Center asks you to make an additional payment of 300 after confirming the reservation and making an initial payment of 15%, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

Mr Tarun, thank you very much for your comments. Every client is automatically sent a review/feedback questionnaire and I trust you have reacted so that we can respond directly to the response.

Answer me at the AT jococabs DOT com page with your reservation ID or respond to the special evaluation e-mail we sent you. In this case, we will proceed vigorously and not only obstruct the drivers and the car, but also take appropriate measures. You can be assured that we are focused on providing service and you will see it in our actions vs. words.

so we can have usable information. Thank you, was that Gozo Cabs?

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