City Cab Rates

Cab City Prices

The rates for the taxi service in the City of Philadelphia are as follows: By public transport The bus will stop at the University of Pennsylvania' University campus (University City Station) and then at Thirty Street Stop (where Amtrak train services to New York and Washington stop). The train then pulls up at Suburban Stop on Sixteenth Street and JFK Boulvard, just two blocks from City Hall and close to several major attractions such as the Crowne Plaza Building (18th & Market Sts.), Wyndham Building (17th & Race Sts.), the Four Seasons (1 Logan Square), Sofitel (17th & Sansom Sts.), The Rittenhouse (210 W.

Rittenhouse Square) and many more.

It is the business and retail area of the city with many good local eateries, interesting stores and attractions. Center City's last stop is Jefferson Station (formerly Market East Station) on Market Street between Street 10 and 12, bordering the Convention Center near the Chinatown section, and suitable for many properties such as the Loew's (12 p. 13th Street) in an architectural breathtaking former banking area.

Just a few minutes away is the Old Town with Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center and many other historical sights as well as a variety of good dining, interesting shopping and arts galeries. Specific information on Thirty Street Station: It has two different train tracks at this large terminal. The Amtrak train uses the lower platform, whose staircase leads to the giant wait room of Article Deco.

There are no more Amtrak train service stopping points in the center of Philadelphia. The SEPTA regional train uses an raised platform on the south side of the railway area. There are several trails leading to the west and west Philadelphia and to the inner city locations. When your itineraries include a Airport Line to one of these destinations, you can make savings by purchasing a $9 "via Center City" fare instead of having to pay two surcharges.

Ticket prices from the airports to Center City are $28.50 for the first passenger and $1.00 for each extra passenger. Unless you are going to Center City, ask the taxi cab owner to quote the ticket price before your departure, or review the Philadelphia Taxi Fairfinder for a quote.

Advice for taxi at Thirty Street Station: When a taxi line is long and there are no taxi queues, go to Market Street and call a taxi. The Market Street is on the right hand side when you come out of the train depot to be in the cabin line.

Hiring a rental in Philadelphia is not necessary if you plan to remain in Center City. However, if you decide to hire one from the airfield exits, take either 76 westwards to 676 east or 95 northwards to 676 wests.

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