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Chat Rothschild Taxi-App Maaxi Issues

Maaxi, the taxi application supported by Nat Rothschild, the millionaire, has had a difficult start, and many of the riders who were so interested in getting involved with the application when it was started are now turning away from the rig in public." It should be an alternate to Uber that allows clients to divide taxis in two.

" However, many of the London taxi operators who use Maaxi say the same thing: clients just don't use Maaxi to order taxis. Car owners complain on Twitter that they left the application open, but there are no customers: That'?s not the only trouble you have with Maaxi.

A group of five members of the London taxi crew, consisting of a group of well-known London taxi operators, resigned drastically. Departure took place at the same moment as the riders started to stop using the app: As for the riders who left Maaxi, she acknowledged that a "minority of recorded taxi riders chose to erase the app," but also maintained that the "number of taxi riders recorded taxi riders is at this point stable" and "within the regular migration for each transportation application.

" Maaxi said in a teetale at the end of May that the number of riders using the application was "not sufficient for London". "Part of the motive why Maaxi riders had left was a rumor that the apartment considered renting personal cars (just like Uber and Hailo) and taxi cars.

This insulted the London taxi driver who felt that the apartment was being sold to their rivals (who are often cheaper). Maaxi's other problems include the collapse of his ties with London's transportation company, the organization that manages the city's transportation network, and the ride -sharing applications.

Maaxi is still not listed on TfL's website with taxi applications for the town. Maaxi was also prevented from sponsorship of a taxi adorned with a rainbow that would have been part of London's Pride Parliament. In Maaxi's published letter between Maaxi and its creator Gabriel Campos, Maaxi showed that Maaxi had recommended that Maaxi "postpone the introduction of their app".

She also argued that "there may be an impact on the licencing of riders working for Maaxi. Riders who seem to shy away from penalties or actions by TVL for their participation in Maaxi have removed the app's labels from the window of their taxi cars. Commenting that "it has become very apparent that we are being harassed by TfL," Campos compared the way his application was treated by the Department of Transportation to that of a policeman.

" Maaxis Start seems to have got a lot of trouble. Driver cancelled, clients just don't book trips, personnel have gone, and TV has stopped one of its notifications.

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