Lta Taxi Stand

Taxi stand Lta

Do you know the difference between a taxi stand, stop & drop-off Pt? Taxis in the Central Business District (CBD). Arrival by taxi in the CBD. Sponsored by the Land Transport Authority (LTA, Singapore).

The LTA is looking to improve signs, marks at taxi ranks.

SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Friday (August 4) said it was trying to improve signs and marking at taxi ranks after a double-decker coach plunged into a protected taxi stand opposite VivoCity on Monday. Responding to requests from the press, LTA said that improvements could involve raising awareness of altitude limitation signs and the visible marking of taxi shelters.

Tower Transit said the crash happened on Monday after the coachman confused the taxi rank for the nearby stop. As of 2012, new protected collection and return points, as well as taxi ranks, must have a min. altitude of 4.5m. A spokesman for the authorities said that this will create enough space for double-decker busses that are about 4.4 meters high.

"LTA said all protected pick-up and drop-off points and taxi ranks are equipped with elevation limitation boards and elevation limitation rails to warn the driver. LTA added that LTA managers of urban transit have been reminding their coachers to pay attention to altitude signage and to emphasize this when providing driver trainings for newcomers.

"Do you know the differences between a taxi stand, a bus stop and a pick-up/drop-off pt? Have a look at our Singaporean guide to the "Can or Cannot Stop/Wait" quality!.....".

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