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MacBook Apple Air MD231ll Apple

It' my "primary" computer, so I practically never use my Macbook at home. When you want to listen to someone who is spending >90% of their computer life on this Macbook, I'm not your type. I' ll divide this review into the criterions I needed for my next notebook, and where the Macbook Air dropped in comparison to its rivals.

Macbook Air 2012 isn't the best the competitor has to offer (it's not even the best in a category), but it's so great in everything that it's difficult to say no. The 11 " and 13" models both sets the standards for the handheld "Ultrabook", and the competitors from Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP and all others have used the size of these notebooks as a yardstick.

Design for the Macbook as everyone has the same size and equal cube. Macbook Air's one-piece aluminium case was a division that differed from some of its competitors' plastic counterparts. But Samsung' Series 9 and Asus' Zenbook Prime give the Macbook Air a serious run for its buck. Accumulator life: I haven't run my Macbook from full to empty yet, but I've used it over long distances and can make a sensible estimate of my accumulator usage (assuming the accumulator is correct).

It is a sensible estimation to assume a 6.5-7 hour overall runtime for the batteries. 24 hours of sleeping resulted in only 1% power drain, and the Macbook immediately took me to the sign-in window when I pressed the space bar. Conclusion: Extreme respectful accumulator runtime and great sleeping performance. Macbook Airs use TN 1366x768 resolution for the 11" and 1440x900 resolution for the 13".

Zenbook Prime, already mentioned, is killing the competitors with a 1080p (1920x1080) IPS screen (IPS is the top shelving screen ), and even Series 9 has a decent 1600x900 PLS (mid-range screen) screen. Apple presented a Retina 13" Macbook Pro with an incredible 2560x1600 screen this autumn, but did not upgrade the Macbook Air in a similar way.

Conclusion: The TN screen of the Macbook Air is simply not comparable to the IPS and PLS screens of other ultrahigh performance computers. This last point is mostly not true, because I have practically everything I use on my desk top (MS Office, Spotify, Chrome, VLC Player, Steam(!), Dropbox) without any problems on OS native and OS native.

At the end I chose it because literal speaking tens of class mates and boyfriends who have had the same Macbook (Pro/Air/whatever) for years without problems and without slowing down. When you have made it this far, thank you for taking the trouble to take the opportunity to look, and I trust you have found it useful.

I' d be adding a last reservation about possible enhancements to Macbook Air 2013, but frankly, don't think about it.

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