Recreational Aircraft for Sale

Leisure aircraft for sale

There are three steps to offering your aircraft for sale:. Member ads are back! Aviation is a new, specially designed website that integrates smoothly with the existing aircraft registration system of Aviation CLASSIC. Now, members of RAAus can launch their entry by clicking a member portals icon. Even more interesting is that members also get FREE ads in the Sport Pilot Magazin for each ad in the new classified ads.

All Aviation Classifieds is operated entirely by RAAus, so all revenues remain with RAAus. It' neat, easy to use, connected to our current system and very inexpensive. You can place your ad in Sport Pilot and on line with two mouseclicks. The sports pilot is again very successful.

Both members and non-members subscribe equally and our on-line edition receives tens of thousand hits per months. So if you want to resell your lightweight sports or recreational aircraft or something related to air travel, Luftfahrt Classifieds, powered by RAAus, is the place for you: "Three easy moves to put your aircraft up for sale: As soon as you have signed in to your Member Portals, browse to your "Manage My Membership" page, go to your aircraft information and click "Sell My Aircraft"; paying the low registration charge of $33/month.

It'?s that easy. The ad will appear on the classified ads website and will be published in the next available issue of Sport Pilot Magazine at no surcharge! In order to place an ad, non-RAO members can easily register an affiliate profile by going to the Aviation Classics website and click "Register".

RAAus will provide non-members with free advertisements in Sport Pilot as a promotional gift if they sign up and place an ad before March 31, 2017. Non-members shall be required to make an extra charge for the promotion of sport pilots after 31 March 2017.

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about our aircraft, up to date specification, pricing and all the available choices to customize your new aircraft. It also provides comprehensive service and engineering information about your aircraft, as well as pilot operating handbooks, service manuals and safety bulletins. On the top of each page you will find a hyperlink to our new on-line quotation which allows you to assess the estimated costs of a new aircraft.

At the bottom of each page are button icons that will take you to the Foxbatpilot information page, our picture gallery and the Foxbat Australia videotheque. After all, you can buy Foxbat articles and other Foxbat shop products.

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