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in Illinois, USA: Take a look at the latest aircraft for sale in Europe or put your own aircraft up for sale! wild blue aircraft sales -- Serves buyers and sellers of premium owner flown single, twin, & turboprop aircraft.

Aeroplane sales & acquisition

In 1956 we started as an airplane distribution business, and it's difficult to find someone more knowledgeable or better networked. Using these links and capabilities, we help our airline sale clients achieve an edge in the second-hand market. Our airplane sale consulting service reduces the hassle of second-hand airplane sale by controlling the whole sale cycle from price setting and promotion to contract negotiation and finalization.

With our procurement service, we help those who want to buy or retrofit planes to find the right brand and the right type to best fulfill their flight emission, obtain those planes at the best cost, and make sure they are prepared to sustain the highest long-term value. Select the better way to buy or buy airplanes.

Contacting a member of the airplane distribution crew today. We have since helped more than 3,000 private and corporate customers around the globe buy and buy airplanes. Buying an airplane that suits your needs and minimises your risks is time-consuming and complex. We offer a full range of acquisitions services to help you determine your actual needs for aeroplanes.

Then our specialists search, assess and negociate an airplane sale on your name. Airline journals and the web offer restricted air travel and do not present your choices on an even footing. Customers who make acquisitions are provided with a spread sheet that calculates the value of individually purchased aircrafts on the base of the most recent disposals.

More in-depth than Bluebook information, this allows the assessment of the airplane with specific modification and improvement to give an indication of the overall amount of money already invested in each airplane. Until you try to resell it, without expert advice you will not know how good your plane was. Choosing the right make is one of your most important choices when purchasing or modernizing a corporate jet.

This model/market overview is arranged according to the seating assortment for aeroplanes that have been constructed in the last ten years. This resource provides visibility into your preferred choices, pending assignments, predicted services and customer relations. As a result of this unparalleled partnership, our clients are provided with precise and up-to-date information on aeroplane specification, system and workload. Clients can also get quick and granular pricing and quotations that enable them to securely benchmark services and make better choices for their businesses.

Our most precious and basic capital, we believe, is our credentials, which depend on the personal integrity and judgement of each of our people. It is our belief that the ethics of each member of our teams and the way they are judged contribute significantly to our overall performance. We are a founder member of the National Aircraft Resale Association and adhere to the NARA Code of Ethics.

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