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United Kingdom Airlines - Search and Booking United Kingdom Airlines on-line. Other airlines have adopted the billing system for extra services, although many of the incumbent airlines, such as British Airways, now only provide food and luggage on long-haul routes. British Airways is the largest British carrier that offers services beyond short-haul option bookings. A number of British airlines also operate some services between points close to home.

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Information about British Airways (BA)

One of the largest and best airlines in the book.

In order to make a British Airways booking, use the enquiry field on the far right or call our helpful travel agent on 0208 714 0010. Even there, where temporary charter is carried out, possibly only at Christmas and New Year. You can use the enquiry function to find your tickets or call our employees on 0208 714 0010 who will be happy to help you at any time.

Pt1 UK Charter Airlines - The airlines of the past

With a long tradition of independence, the United Kingdom's principal activity has been the operation of charter and tropping services and uneven routes on national routes. BOAC and the British government were tolerating their continued presence to different extents, according to the year and policy of the company.

Those who became too big for their boot (especially British Eagle and Laker), however, had foiled their ambitions and finally fell victim to a mixture of factors, not least BOAC's policy intervention and anti-competitive behavior. In the course of the sixties and the further contraction of the British Empire, the increase in packages provided the independents with a life-line, although take-offs were frequent throughout the whole time and cancellations equally so.

Air carriers not directly linked to a tourist operator were usually particularly susceptible to financial volatility, while one of the parents was not itself a survivor (see Air Europe, which was affected by the collapse of its parent). Out of all the independents, only Monarch has managed to survive the ferocious journey, although it is now confronted with an increased fight for competitiveness against the entrenched low-cost competitive environment and a shrinking travel packages industry.

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