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And the best charter companies go beyond these minimum standards. Air Charter Agents are experts in recommending the best aircraft and operators. This company offers an alternative to the high cost of total and fractional ownership. Situated in the centre of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale air charter market, we can offer you first class aircraft management services for your aircraft. We provide the tools that easily connect charter operators and brokers.

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Flee the Karibik and enjoy the sand beach of the Virgin Isles, St. Maarten, Aruba, Bermudas, Barbados or the Cayman Isles. Explore the cultures and cuisines of Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba or Puerto Rico, along with the discovery of secluded small islets that are not accessible by business flight, but fly privately on West Palm Jets one stop away.

Do you need a fast excursion for your whole group to Orlando, Key West or Daytona Beach? Do you need to travel internationally immediately to do your European, South American or Canadian operations? Accept your own charter flights and come in with your own pace to show that you are serious while you enjoy the private sphere and room where your staff and consultants prepare for you, land relaxed and prepare to take the winning shot.

West Palm to Boca Raton, Delray Beach or Ft. lauderdale to Miami, our customers select West Palm Jets for 24/7 charter flight availability for our unsurpassed 24/7 personal on-demand services - but don't believe us!

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As far as fares for personal jets are concerned, it is essential that you always have the best planes at the best possible cost, without compromise on security, luxuries, comfort as well as wellbeing. If you choose a privately owned business, you want to make sure that your needs are of the highest importance. Our relationship with the charter industry is comprehensive and close, with our office in Los Angeles and New York, the two major U.S. hub airports for chartering personal jets.

Featuring concierge-style services and a committed team of seasoned and expert aerospace experts, you can be assured that your personal plane will always be our top priorities, whether you are flying once a year or every single working day. Our Concierge-style services are designed to meet the needs of your business. It is our aim to guarantee a smooth air journey, with the best planes, the best crews, the best restaurants, VIP floor transport and everything you need for your journey.

Charter co-ordinators are some of the most seasoned and skilled in the industry and are now at your service. Rely on our expert personnel to take every detail of your journey with the utmost attention to detail and ensure your full enjoyment at the end of a long journey.

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