Macbook Air 14

Air 14 Macbook

Learn everything you need to know about MacBook Air 2018 below. Rumors have it that a new entry-level MacBook is coming out this fall. Sleeve/cover for MacBook Air 13" and other 14" devices (black). Zip Outer Pocket Design Case Laptop Sleeve Black for MacBook Pro Air 14 inch.

A new 13-inch "beginner" MacBook will be launched this year.

Digitimes' new biased review says Apple is looking to add a new line to the MacBook line to be launched in the second half of the year. Called a 13-inch entry-level MacBook, it looks like a MacBook Air combo. It' s safe to say that the MacBook Air line is stagnating.

Currently, Apple is selling a 13-inch MacBook Air from $999, a 12-inch MacBook for $1299, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro from $1299. The Air is the most apparent congruence with an entry-level MacBook according to the Digitimes review, although it doesn't go too far for Apple to make a cheap retina MacBook.

However, the 12-inch MacBook is certainly about to be updated, having never got one last year. Of course, Digitimes rumours must be handled with scepticism, but this is a delivery line of which the release has shown that it had prior cognizance. It' not even valuable that there were rumours for a while that Apple developed a 14-inch MacBook.

Air Repair MacBook

Launched in early 2008, MacBook Air was first a new, light Apple Notebook computer. Once the Air was designed and enhanced, it superseded MacBook 2010 as Apple's flagship product for consumers in 2010. MacBook Air's first version (A1237 and A1304 models) differs from MacBook Air's second version (A1370 and A1369 models) in some external aspects.

In the first version there was a connector cap on the right side of the notebook, while in the second version all connectors remained open. Furthermore, the energy switch for the previous model was part of the solid body case, but is in the second version contained as a switch on the keypad.

To differentiate between the different types, the simplest way is to look on the bottom of the laptops for the type number imprinted on the bag.

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