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Harrogate CAB's latest tweets (@HarrogateCAB). The Harrogate Citizens Advice Bureau, Harrogate, United Kingdom. Advising citizens on Craven and Harrogate districts Providing free, trustworthy and unbiased counselling and campaigning on major topics affecting people's life. We are an independant non-profit organisation and part of the Citizens Advisory Networks in England and Wales. Drawing on the experiences, histories and insights of our customers, we conduct research and promote changes for the better both regionally and internationally.

waiting for credits [ 1.1 mb] is a review of the provision of universal credits by us and other community consultants.

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It is only possible to drive a Hackneyriage ( cab ) or privately rented car with a recent License for your own IP address. They must have been in possession of a full valid license for 12 month prior to application. Riders must follow the rules and regulations for all hackney carriage/private hires. The license terms tell new cabbies what is required of them.

They must receive an entry form from the license staff at Springfield House, King's Road, Harrogate HS1 FNX.

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And as a conclusion, from Tuesday, April 12, the ministry will run from rented rooms in the town. However, due to the financing gap, the move was considered too costly. Backroom work will be done from Harrogate and the primary number will be Harrogate as we do not have a fixed telephone line, but we will have telephones that we can use when we advise.

For this reason, Craven and Harrogate District CAB has started a fund-raising drive to keep the fundraiser running. Employees and volonteers are looking to collect 50,000 to help overcome the financing bottleneck.

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