Macbook Air I5

Air I5 Macbook

1.8 GHz Core i5 CPU upgraded from a 1.6 GHz Core i5 processor. MacBook Air MQD32 Laptop offers an amazing combination of looks and performance.

13.3-inch MacBook Air 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with dual-core processor

The MacBook Air features ultra-fast 802 support. 802 ultra-fast MacBook Air support. MacBook Air features 11ac Wi-Fi. Connecting to an 802.11ac 802 basestation - with AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule - delivers up to three times higher mobile computing speeds than the preceding generations of Wi-Fi or MacBook Air with 802.11n Wi-Fi2. Your Wi-Fi coverage also increases.

MacBook Air uses built-in wireless connectivity to pair with your Bluetooth-enabled device, including your loudspeakers and earphones. MacBook Air is amazingly small, yet it fits on a full-size keypad that makes typing easy and intuitive. The MacBook Air also comes with two 3-port so you can plug in the latest 3-device and all your 2-device computers.

MacBook Air turns from an ultra-portable laptop into a full desktop with just a few ports. Quick all flashing memory. A part of what makes MacBook Air so reactive is that it is fully aligned with memory. As a result, MacBook Air is not only much easier and more portable than conventional laptops, it also offers quicker file download.

It' PCIe-based memory is up to 17 times quicker than a conventional 5400 rpm laptop3. So, when you open MacBook Air, it's instantly up and running. MacBook Air's lightweight full-flash tray provides room for a large rechargeable pack. In conjunction with Intel's fifthgeneration, energy-efficient core technology, this rechargeable has a number of striking numbers.

If you put MacBook Air to hibernation for more than 3hrs, it goes into stand-by to extend up to 30 days of your MacBook Air's life4. Intel Core Fifth Gen Intel Core CPUs. The MacBook Air is driven by a fifth-grad Intel Core i5 CPU. Plus, the Intel HD Graphics 6000 CPU delivers enhanced power that you'll see in gaming and other graphics-intensive work.

inches MacBook Air 1.8 GHz Dual

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