Cabs are here

The taxis are here.

The Jersey Shore: "The taxis are here!" Turns out you can have a really tough break on the Jersey coast. And one of the things that Shore hate guys speak most about, and one thing I think from these summaries is this idea that this show and these guys are wrecking mankind. It is argued that Snooki was excavated from a rubbish tip and that squinting at the situation is sending a false signal to a generation of impressive axe-carried 15-year-olds.

All of us can say that I suppose there are those who go and see this show to find examples and crushings. Everyone has their own reasons for getting blown off the coast of Jersey. Personally, I think I specifically monitor because these folks are not a reflection on my being at all.

Pauly? I don't know any Pauly. Oh, how would I want to dress up in this hot Jenni dress for Roger - in front of everyone else? However, sometimes Jenni, Sammi, Ronnie, Snooki, Mike, Vinny, Pauly and Deena are really not good guys, and this evening we saw that with full power.

And Ronnie was able to be both a whining simphe and a brutal worst case scenario in the same scene. You noticed he makes Sammi breakfasts every day, and that's beautiful and everything, but does anyone really need this guy in his time? She' s behaving like those other humans she saw around her, and she' s young.

but it was mean to this guy, and it was just disgusting. Finally, if there's one class we've all learnt on the coast of Jersey, it's to leave when things stop being funny, right? So Ronnie just finds out that Sitch is playing both ends of all thearguments?

Oh, Ronnie, darling. Apparently more Pauly and Ronnie follow on the promenade than Sammi and Deena. "Oh, Pauly D. I adore you. I' ve been reading a fairly good interviews with Jenni this weekend where she-gasp! wears tasty clothing, is clever and talk about how she and Roger are still together.

This guy will never be wearing those back trousers again. When they bind Angelina to themselves again, I'm sure the producer will bind Sammi to themselves again.

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