A to B Taxi number

B to B Taxi number

B to A Regional Taxi Service. When I called a taxi for the third time (no other taxis in the area): The "dispatcher" picks me up. 1721 Saint Mary St, Thibodaux, LA 70301, A to B Regional Taxi Service

Add to miscellaneous. added to miscellaneous from miscellaneous. deleted from miscellaneous. Totally terrible, Flying through my site after I phoned while waving her down and never stopping or turning around. Again phoned and lying, the rider was warned three places that he would drive past me and I never tried to beckon her down and was hanged at Multepoles.

I' d have Bill Cosby make me a cocktail before I trust this firm or give them another chance. Indeed the Hillary Clinton of taxi service.

Taxi A to B - St Helens (Merseyside) - Taxi Service

Asshole taxi guy picks someone up at 3:00 B&M Homestore St. Helens. At first he parked in the center of the street at a street edge, which made it hard to get past. Without arguments or comments, I go around the edge where there are blanks. I' m right to show my intent, to parking, to passing the room, willing to return to it.

This asshole rider, who has obviously collected his ticket, comes around the edge, ignoring my turn signals or the apparent blanks and stopping right behind me...... He starts to shake his hand over me, then he drives away and puts 2 finger out the windows on me.

It is such people who make me vote against a taxi service where my clients are encouraged to have good behaviour and be courteous to clients and other travellers instead of pretending to own the roads. I am sure that all taxi riders at A 2 B are not like that, so hopefully from the moment of this check you will be able to track and handle the rider at that point and the way he or she looks at your organisation and your outfit.

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