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The City Cab was founded in 2015 to deliver convenience and luxurious transportation. Offering neat and secure taxi trips in Rapid City SD and nearby areas in and around the Black Hills. In addition, we operate around the clock rapid and dependable service to the airports, as well as to Rapid City hospital, shopping centres, dining, bars and/or hotel complexes within 100 miles of the Black Hills.

No matter where you are, whether in or around Rapid City, we will collect you on your desired date and bring you to your goal securely.


Cab-inspectors enforce state and municipal taxi legislation and decrees. Its tasks include the inspection of city taxis to make sure they comply with city rules, the issue of taxi owners/drivers licenses and the preparation of investigation protocols on the application for taxi owners/drivers licenses. Town of Raleigh Taxiicab Ordinance. Any authorized proprietor can apply for a taxi license and file an information release request as well.

Raleigh currently has 81 businesses within the city boundaries. Every city grows every passing day with new eateries, shops and events. For those interested in setting up a taxi business within the city boundaries of Raleigh, please read our City of Raleigh Taxi Cab Ordinance.

Any authorized owner can file an application for a taxi owner's permit and an authority to release information. If you have any further queries, please contact the taxi inspector's office. More than 850 taxi riders are currently working in the city of Raleigh. Candidates will be thoroughly assessed to make sure that residents and guests of the City of Raleigh enjoy a sense of security as they travel around the city.

In order to obtain your taxi driver's license, please carry out the following steps: Fill in and print all documents before making an appointment with a taxi inspectionist. You must pick up the tox screen from 601 Hutton Street in person. Please. Fill out the driver's license request and make a payment of $50.00.

Affordable at the Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett St. 1. High. Be sure to give your print to the taxi inspector as soon as possible so he can mail it to get your results back. Obtain a physician (medical) that provides a vision and auditory test in a hospital or your physician and have the physician complete the physician's questionnaire for physicians.

The inspector must have your social security card so that he can make a copy. Make all the formalities to the taxi inspectors and get ready for a 50-test. Collect the drug test application from the taxi inspector's reception. Be sure to accept the taxi inspector's stationery provided you.

As soon as you have successfully completed the taxi test and the taxi inspector receives your drug test and fingerprint results back, the taxidermist issues you with a probation condition that allows you to travel up to New Driver Classic. EACH NEW DRIVER MUST VISIT THE NEW DRIVER CATEGORY BEFORE RECEIVING HIS/HER FULL APPROVAL.

FAILURE: IF YOU DO NOT TAKE THE COURSE, YOUR LICENCE WILL BE WITHDRAWN FOR 30 DAY. West Hargett St. crosses McDowell St. 2. _____ Raleigh Blvd. crosses New Bern Ave. Driving time for a test driving licence is as follows: A taxi operator may ask passengers: a. While seated in the cab of such a taxi. b. While he stands within five {5) ft of the taxi. c. While he stands within fifteen {15) ft of the taxi.

The Raleigh City Taxi sticker is affixed to all certificated cabs. City of Raleigh is committed to ensuring that all Raleigh residents and guests enjoy a sense of security when travelling by taxi within the city of Raleigh. Every company and driver is obliged to comply with the requirements laid down in the city regulations.

So if you believe that you have been misled or unprofessionally handled or have been denied access due to your age, gender, race, religious beliefs, gender, physical disabilities or gender, please fill out and file an on-line complaints form. Any applicant who visits the taxi cab inspector's offices must be suitably clothed and maintained.

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