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When you' re looking for a powerful machine at an affordable price, MacBook Air is for you. Make big things happen with MacBook Air. The MacBook Air: Features, specifications and pricing for Apple's cheapest laptop

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MacBook Air is Apple's cheapest laptop. When you' re looking for a powerful engine at an affordable cost, MacBook Air is for you. Find out more about MacBook Air by learning more about its capabilities and specs below. Editor's note: Refreshed on 20.8.18 with a statement that Apple could publish a new low-cast Mac laptop later this year.

In August, Bloomberg said Apple was considering launching a new low-cost Mac laptop. This new laptop will be similar to the MacBook Air, but the Bloomberg review has not clarified whether the laptop will be part of the MacBook or MacBook Air lines or whether these lines will be merged into one unit.

MacBook Air features a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel core IP5 CPU, an increase over the 1.6GHz dual-core IP5 that came out over two years ago. MacBook Air's CPU is a 5th-generation broadwell that' two earlier than the Kaby Lake CPUs in the new MacBook Pro and MacBook.

MacBook Air uses an embedded graphic microchip for the graphic. This means that the GPU is part of the primary CPU and uses part of the computer RAM. It' not as quick as the MacBook Pro's discreet graphs (a seperate, devoted chip), but it can easily accomplish your everyday work.

MacBook Air uses solid-state disk devices (SSDs) to store files. They' re quicker than disks, but because they' re more costly to make, the MacBook Air doesn' t have the terabyte of space that a disk can hold. MacBook has a 13. 3-inch display. To keep the cost low, Apple uses a 1440x900 widescreen display with 1440x900 resolutions.

MacBook and MacBook Pro use retina displays that have a higher resolution than the MacBook Air display. Pictures and text on retina monitors and much crisper look and much sleeker. MacBook Air is only available in one size: a 3-inch MacBook Air that weights nearly 3 lbs and is 12 inches inches.

MacBook Air isn't as lightweight and small as MacBook, but it's much more portable than MacBook Pro. MacBook Air comes in two default Apple MacBook Air packages. Buy a new MacBook Air directly from Apple directly to your Macplace. And you can go to an Apple retail outlet near you.

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