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and Milwaukee, with additional routes opening all the time. to Albania Buffaloto Albania Free streamed animation from door to door. 4G high-speed free WiFi. Fast, foreseeable and comfortable non-stop services to your destinations. Benefit from a personalised TSA Pre Access experience (available to authorized customers).

Booking stays open until 10 min before take-off, minimising waiting and maximising uptime.

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ONEJET, Inc. With OneJet, the company specializes in point-to-point air travel with small corporate and local planes. In contrast to some other carriers running small aircrafts under a publicly chartered agreement departing from a residential or a stationary airport, OneJet uses the regular air traffic control facilities and gate facilities of the airport to which it operates.

All OneJet tours were discontinued until 29 August 2018: Beechjet Hawker 400A8-7The planes were the first to be used by OneJet, but were superseded by 30 nozzles. Skip up to: abc Wynbrandt, James (October 11, 2017). "OneJet, to put CJ4s in the fleet." Brought back on October 29, 2017.

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International Pittsburgh Airport. 13 December 2017. Returned on December 13, 2017. Hop up ^ Oppenheimer, Lilly (June 11, 2016). "to Cincinnati, Louisville." The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Returned on July 26, 2016. Go to ^ "ONEJET EXPANDS SERVICE TO NASHVILLE AND PROVIDENCE INCLUDE" (press release). International Pittsburgh Airport.

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