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Emirates - SriLankan Airline vs. Emirates - Air Travel Message Board Hello, we hope to travel to Sri Lanka and the Maldives this November for our holiday and have increased the prices for our flight. Both of us like Emirates but have never flew with SriLankan Airlines before. Could anyone tell who he would be flying with and if SriLankan Airlines is upstanding? On a personal level, I would always choose the straight line unless the airline is really bad, which is not the case with Sri Lanka.

Here are the ratings for Sri Lankan Respiratory. We used both airlines to travel to the Maldives and never had any problems with both; for us we look at the flying schedules and what suits us best.

The SriLankan Airline's net losses for the year increase as Airbus suffers compensatory losses.

Domestic state airline seeking an overseas affiliate to revitalize its operations suffered an estimated 27.79 billion crowns (182.50 million dollars) lost annually compared to 12.08 billion crowns a year ago. "The airline is continuing to charge a high rate for the extreme high leases concluded by the former government," SriLankan Airline said in a declaration.

"The costs of canceling the leasing contracts for four A350-900s, which were heavily inflated and totally inappropriate for the domestic airline, added to the additional burdens on the airline," she added. Over half of the company's losses last year were due to 14.36 billion crowns of indemnity for the termination of airline leasing contracts.

The 2016/17 results came under additional strain as a take-off and landing strip at Sri Lanka's major international airfield required the airline to suspend more than 600 aircraft from January to March, corresponding to two week of regular traffic. The SriLankan Airlines Group was a 10-year lucrative airline with Emirates Airline, a Dubai-based company, until its separation in 2008.

Emirates most recently made a gain in 2009, one year after the sale of its shares. A number of bids have been received by the present administration, among them US based TPG and BlackRock Inc. for a 49% interest in the airline, but the airline has not yet found a suitable bidder.

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