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You can make it affordable when booking multi-destination trips by switching places the most direct way. Timeshare resales with multiple destinations | Search time sharing for selling

A2Z Vacations* offers its members excellent domestic and international tourist and accommodation facilities, all at reduced rates. Travelling and holiday professionals, their expert and qualified personnel are at your disposal to help you find the ideal holiday for your dream. For more information, please go to

Would you like to go on holiday when you want, where you want and know that you are getting the best value? Welcome to *Absolute Vacation Club* - the tour operator that offers you versatility, affordable pricing and usability. More than 200 of Absolute's current user networks include Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Disney - but you're not restricted to these resources!

If you are looking for a holiday, just call a Club Absolute agent, specify your destination and date and wait to receive your holiday booking confirm! Don't restrict yourself to one place or place - take the best possible holiday year after year! More information about the Absolute Vacation Club can be found at

Being a member of the *Accor Vacation Club* you have the possibility to select the ideal vacation according to your wishes! Affiliates benefit from lifelong vacations, quality accommodation, awesome conveniences and features, a one-time sales quote, vacations with families and buddies, the opportunity to look after their families, a special Accor subscription on demand, a special Interval International Vacation Exchanges subscription and year-round member privileges!

Advance Resources of America* was established in 1987 and has 3 properties in Oregon and Washington. The Paradise Cove and Marina Estate was the original location and is situated in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. The Willow Bay and Marina is situated on the shores of Long Lake, 19 mile from Spokane.

Potlatch Campground, the third retreat, is situated in the North Basin Marina on the outskirts of La Conner, Washington. Every residence has great fishery and pool facilities as well as mobile homes and camping sites. Please see for more information about these spas. Being a member of the amazing *American Holiday Network* gives you home admission to two wonderful holiday destinations in Austria!

Located in the heart of the city, the full-service spa has four dining areas, a night club, stores, an outdoor heated public water park, sauna, whirlpools, tanning salon and gym. St. Johann is an all year round destination for skiers, hikers and climbers set in beautiful countryside full of hills and fields. Holders also have the right to live in the beautiful *Maria Alm* residence in Maria Alm, Austria!

It is a classical seaside retreat where all apartments have television, telephone and balconies. The many Atlas Resources are situated in some of the most beautiful and thrilling places in the world: Resources provide a variety of infinite activity, landscapes and close proximity rides! The Aurora Travel Club* is offering its members a new way to experience luxurious holiday accommodation without the hassle of unaffordable, costly service charges.

Providing our members with free entry to the best real estate and tourist attractions in the globe, as well as rebates on travel-related service, allows our members to take their holidays in the rest of the globe without any need for maintenance. Being a member of the Aurora Tour Club guarantees that you will never have to fear not getting the absolute best rate for every journey.

Bel Air Vacation Club* memberships give you easy entry to some of Mexico's finest tourist attractions and beautiful coastlines - Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta! Completely furnished and luxury suite awaits your visit to any of our hotels. The Bluegreen Vacation Club is a point-based programme that gives you the freedom to move through all Bluegreen Vacation Club member resort locations without the expense and expense of bank transactions and exchanges via a conventional bank of exchange. Bluegreen Vacation Club is a point programme that gives you the freedom to move between any of the associated Bluegreen Vacation Club holiday locations without the expense and expense of bank transactions and exchanges.

Owners of the Bluegreen Vacation Club can take a week's holiday at a destination or take several weekends out at different destinations throughout the year, subject to available accommodation and the number of holiday points you have each year. If you decide not to stay within the Bluegreen familiy of destinations, you can always swap through one of the associated stock exchanges (a fee applies).

Campsite World (RV and Campground Resort) is a private membership programme that gives you the freedom to go to all connected Campsite World (RV and Campground Resort) destinations without the effort and cost of booking in places of interest. Being a member of RV and Campground Resort you can spend several week on each of their campsites.

Featuring 9 operating dive sites, the Capital Resources Club* is a compilation of resources that have been providing travelers with life-long memorabilia for over 30 years. No matter whether you want to enjoy your days on the beaches, hike in the hills or enjoy family-friendly activities and fun with your friends, Capital Resources has the place for you.

Featuring a wide range of desirable locations, each destination offers luxurious accommodation and "distinctly different" conveniences and advantages - so begin to explore your destination and plan your next holiday today! The Carefree Journeys is a truly exceptional and thrilling holiday concierge offering traveler quality accommodation. Our offer is an uncomplicated travelling adventure for all your travelling needs.

Affiliation allows you to take advantage of luxurious resorts and brokerage service, free from the constraints of resorts property. Being a member of Carefree Journeys you will find a wide range of ways to cover ALL your travelling needs through your own dedicated holiday centre. The members benefit from great flexibilty without the pecuniary commitment associated with owning resorts.

The members can go wherever they want, whenever they want, without the limitations of seasonality and enjoy unbelievable cost-saving! There are no more problems and charges for bank transactions and weekly exchanges; you only need to cover the accommodation you use, Peru. Just append the personal note that members get through our member concealer services and the outcome is a real "carefree" holiday every notion.

Once you have registered for a visitor pass, you can see examples of the many benefits Carefree Journeys has to offer, such as reduced fares, cruise packages, per diems and last Minute resorts at resorts. All of us here at Carefree Journeys welcome you as a host or member of your extended range and look forward to offering you and your guests years of superb holiday accommodation.

So, just chill out, chill out and enjoy the journey in the "carefree" way! Offering some of the most stunning real estate locations in the oceans, this classy resort selection is a paradise for those wishing to enjoy a welcoming atmosphere in a tranquil setting. BlueBay's BlueBay circuit one provides holidaymakers with a wide range of cost saving options when traveling!

Blue Bay's Blue Bay is able to offer its owner the best accommodation, resort and package deals, all at greatly reduced prices. As a member of this fantastic holiday resort, travelling couldn't be simpler! Your tour guide will help you make your perfect holiday with a single telephone call.

You can be sure that when you are planning your holiday through BlueBay's Circleone, everything is done from A-Z and all you have to do is packing your pockets. This is the perfect holiday home for you if you like to go on holiday and at the same enjoy saving yourself a lot of cash.

Being a Classic Escapes member means you can buy points at any given moment to buy vacations around the globe at the best prices, and you can also enjoy over 4,000 destinations around the globe through Classic Holiday. Member can choose from an infinite selection of hotels, luxury hotels, discount cruise packages, air fares and other holiday packages.

For more information, please go to The *Club Astoria* provides holidays so that each member has the possibility to experience new goals and get to know different culture. Offering an excellent property programme, the business provides every member of the community with the option to tour the globe with luxurious and stylish accommodation at an accessible price.

Astoria Club is a proud subsidiary of RCI, which has nearly 4,500 associated resort properties in more than 100 nationalities. For more information, please go to Year after year, the strength of your *Club Exploria* subscription means unforgettable holiday adventures with your loved ones and your loved ones. The Club Exploria members are able to explore a whole new holiday environment, discovering dreams and creating extraordinary holiday recollections that form the basis of tales that will be shared by entire homes over the years.

Explore it with our Exploria team! Join us on holiday versatility - welcome to *Club Infiniti*! The Infiniti Points allow members to spend their holidays of a year and a few peaceful weeks next year. More information about this exceptional multi-destination hub can be found at La Costa Club* now own and manage 20 properties directly on the Spanish Costa Del Sol, Tenerife and Scotland!

A further 35 La Costa Clubs have their own stock, and these, together with a number of partner hotels, enable La Costa Clubs to provide its members with a selection of over 150 holiday destinations around the globe! Members of *Club Newport* never have to browse more than one site in the hope of finding a good business.

You' ll have a one-stop store to directly set prices for resorts, airfares, car rental, adventure tours and more! Newport Club has set up a data base in which members can easily login and make bookings at the cheapest prices possible and benefit from an accommodation available source far above that of other providers.

For more information, please go to Club Paradiso* consists of 6 first-rate facilities in some of the world's most desirable destinations: Elegant and luxurious, these select resort properties provide elegant furnishings, first-class facilities and unrivalled services. It has 4 membership stages - each depending on your housing needs and the length of your stay, but offers a surprising degree of versatility should these needs evolve.

More information about this Rotary International Rotary Foundation can be found at The Tropical Club* was established with the goal of creating a singular tourism and life style business of the highest standard in terms of value and services for its members. Get extraordinary ranges of hotels and resorts, discounted holidays and promotions for exclusive members of Tropical Clubs.

Please see for more information. Club Wyndham Access is an exciting Wyndham Membership Programme that offers members more choices, more choices, more flexibility und more controls. Club Wyndham Access is currently available on a restricted subscription plan and allows Club Wyndham Plus holders to take advantage of Club Wyndham Plus! Under ARP, members may make a reservation at any of their home destinations (70+ Wyndham Resorts) 13-10 month in advance of the requested check-in date.

Any resort that is part of Club Wyndham Accessible is deemed a home resort. Further information can be found at Joining *Coast to Coast Grand Getaways* and enjoying a variety of relaxed and invigorating destinations around the world at great rates and many other great travelling advantages! Receive up to 50% off Resort rates, with Premium Resort Week (7 days stay), Short-Term Week and Hotel Services up to 50% off.

You can also buy your own travel package with up to 35% discount, and you can also book 3, 4, 7, 10 or 14 days cruise routes! Further information can be found at No matter if you long for adventures in new, thrilling goals or just want to flee peacefully in a quiet environment, your favourite memory is still ahead of you.

Put your eyes on your favourite places in America and you' re on your way to international resorts. If you' re dreaming of heating up your winters with a journey to the Sunshine State of Florida or yearning for a break in the luscious woods and hills of the Pacific Northwest, you'll find an RPI residence willing to welcome you with mobile home connections or comfortable condos, whatever you imagine.

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