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Book a taxi from your computer or phone, right here online. Book for now or later. Pick up service on demand and future reservations without cancellation fees. We' re having fun hanging out with my cab shop. No matter if you need an airport taxi service or just a ride through the city, our taxis will take you anywhere.

Cabin service, transport service, courier service, parcel delivery, taxi service.

Works as a customer service representative at Yellow Cab Company: staff evaluations

The Yellow Cab can be a great place to work and make a great job. But the only problems are managerial and property choices. Male workers must not work in either cages or bookkeeping position. The majority of leadership roles are occupied by boyfriends and the owner's families and are not very proficient in their job.

As a rule, the core staff are very friendly. Your key failure is how you handle system or buisness issues. You do not get to the roots of the issue, you rather address the symptom. Even if one of the owner wants to make big changes that unroot the system he has installed, the company's managers make this possible without much pre-planning.

If superiors or lower managers tell them that it will not work and will only cause more trouble, they are informed that it is what the owner wants. There is always a complaint about wearing something sweeter and not about the scent of good lotions. Funny humans and kind clients.

The employees were very non-professional. With Yellow Cab I learnt to co-operate, to work well with others, to help different individuals, to be someone that employees and managers can look up to. Most difficult part of the task was to give notes to the employees who had to receive oral reprimands, suspendings, etc.

What was most pleasant was to get to know all kinds of humans and to be a shining example. Extremely kind and respectable employees and managers. Old managers were very kind, new managers are very harsh and inequitable. The staff were friendly and relaxed. Most difficult part of the work was the nights, the most pleasant part was the fast and simple phone work.

Personally, I must say that I liked working in this environment because we provided taxis to those who didn't have transportation, and they could rely on us to take them from point A to point B. I was very happy to work in this environment, because we were able to provide taxis to those who didn't have transportation.

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