Company Secretary course Details

Course Company Secretary Details

An executive secretary is a managerial position in a private or public company. Also read the following concepts for more information on the course details. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the CS (Company Secretary) course. Describe how to get CS Company Secretary course details.

Steps to Appointment as Company Secretary

Steps to appointment as Company Secretary: Students who wish to join the course after having passed the 10+2 exam or equal must go through three levels in order to join the course for company secretaries, i.e. students who wish to join the course after having passed the exam must complete two levels of company secretary, i.e. the executive programme can be completed by a person who has completed any course other than fine arts.

The CS course is open all year round. Closing date for CS course admission: . November 30 for appearance in the detail modul in June exam next year. Candidates will be considered as having successfully completed the Foundation / Executive / Professionals exam if they obtain at least 40% grades in each work and 50% grades in the total of all disciplines.

Students are obliged to take the executive and vocational examinations within the application time. ii ) a trainee who has enrolled in the Executive Programme on or before 31 March 2014 if he chooses the amended educational format instead of the previous format. You can find the short details about the previous course structures and the changed course structures under

Details of the Corporate Secretary course How do I become a CS?

A career as Company Secretary is not only prestige and financial profitable, it is also associated with a high degree of work satisfaction. The Company Secretary course has 3 levels: Foundation, Executive and Professional. Is a corporate secretary or a qualified CS: One internal litigator; one corporate regulatory affairs official.

The Company Secretary (CS) is in charge of company legislation, business strategy, the securities markets and other similar matters. It goes without saying that a company's adherence to the rules and its proper functioning depends to a large extent on the company clerks. The CS qualifications are the right choice if you have a penchant for demanding careers and want to pursue a professional life as a company secretary.

The CS qualifying examination can be obtained through the CS examination of the Institute of Company Secretary ( Rotary Foundation programme: Management Program: The course is aimed at students of all disciplines with the exclusion of the fine arts. Students who wish to join this CS course after 10+2 must complete three levels to complete the Company Secretary Course, i.e. 3. Students who wish to join the course after graduating (example: must complete two levels of Company Secretaryship, i.e. the students must also complete an internship for about 15 month.

The Foundation Program, which lasts eight month, can be completed by 10+2 passed art, science or business undergraduates. The Executive Program can be completed by a student of any degree program other than Fine Arts. The professional program can only be continued after consultation with the Executive Program of the Company Secretary course. Practice:

Students must complete 15-month management education in a company funded by the Institute after completing the Executive or Professional Programme or under the direction of a Company Secretary in Practice. Upon graduation, the applicant will be accepted as an Associate Member of ICSI and may use the letter ACS after his/her name, i.e. Associate Company Secretary.

Please note: The Company Secretary course is open all year round. The CS Foundation has 4 departments. You should enroll before 31 March 2015 if you plan to take the CS Foundation examination in December 2015. The CS Foundation registration fee details: Click here to find out which documentation is needed for CS Foundation registration and CS Foundation registration.

In CS Executives there are 2 modules. Applicants enrolled as a student up to and incl. May of each year are entitled to attend only one module of the December of that year's Leadership Exam, and those enrolled up to and incl. November of each year are entitled to attend only one module of the next year's June Exam, provided they complete a course of instruction in the module in which they wish to attend, in accordance with the Institute's policies, computer classes and other qualifications.

Click here for information on the registration fee for CS Executives. CS Executives have 3 modules. Creative Suite Registration Last date: The CS Registration is open all year round. Admission to the vocational exam only takes place after a minimal duration of nine consecutive calendars has passed.

Candidates will be considered as having successfully completed the Foundation / Executive / Professionals exam if they obtain at least 40% grades in each work and 50% grades in the total of all disciplines. Students are obliged to take the executive and vocational examinations within the application time.

Upon paying the required fee, however, the term of protection of the registry may be prolonged for a further term, provided that the relevant regulations are complied with. Seven-day Student Induction Program (SIP) - within six month of Executive Program enrollment or exemption to apply for enrollment in the Executive Program Exam.

Seventy hour mandatory computer course - for the opportunity to register for the Executive exam. EDP (Executive Development Program) - 8 day course after Executive Programme completion and before 15 month education. A three-month traineeship is necessary for the students if they have passed the technical exam and are exempt from at least 12 month education on the grounds of the Betriebssekretärsverordnung 1982 in the version applicable at the time of submission of the documentation to the Institute and meet the requirements of the Verordnung 48.

It is optional for those who have completed 15 month education. A 15-day course in a specialised organisation such as the Registrar of Companies (ROC) / Stock Exchange / Financial and Banking Institution/Management Consultancy Firms can only be started if the learner has completed a SIP, IT, 15-month course and taken a specialist programme exam.

Upon graduation from the Professional Program, a learner may register as a Licentiate ICSI at their discretion until the educational requirement is completed. Upon qualification of the CS Professional Program and upon completing education in accordance with the CS regulations, a nominee will be admitted as an Associate Member of the Institute and may use the described term "ACS" after his/her name.

Company Secretary courses are recognised by the various universities for Ph.D. course Admissions. The ICSI Post Membership Qualification (PMQ) course in governance is conducted by ICSI. Headquarters and regional offices provide mediation service to members of the Institute: As Company Secretary, you have the opportunity to interoperate with higher government agencies.

Role of a company secretary: Reporting to the Management Board on adherence to the Company's law. Ensure that the Company meets relevant Secretariat Standard; give the Company's Board of directors direction as they wish regarding their authority, functions and responsibility.

Today the need for Company Secretary in India is increasing. The Hindustan Times reports that there is a need for approximately 7,000 business clerks in India and that there will be an increasing need in the coming years. Higher demands for company clerks can also be attributed to the company's emphasis on good management at newage companies and junior managers.

During the last few campsite surveys, the deserving student, who had become new company secretaries, were taken up by regulatory authorities and renowned enterprises at very competitive rates between Rs.3 and Rs.5 per year. Corporate secretaries have held various roles, such as corporate secretary and managing director or corporate secretary and vice president or chief compliance officer or asstt.

Secretary of a company or legal counsel or secretary of a company or financial representative etc. They attract enormous wage packets in large and multinational enterprises, between Rs.25 lcs and Rs.1 chrore per year. Of course, salaries package depends on a person's skills and capacity and varies from industry to industry.

Business secretaries also work in central and state level enterprises in the government sectors as well as in the Union, state and municipal government, charitable and non-profit organisations. There are 66 ICSI test centres throughout India, one of which is an international centre in Dubai. Entities with a paid-up common stock of Rs.5 or greater must nominate a general secretary under section 383A of the Companies Act, 1956.

Institute affiliation is a recognised skill for hiring from Level I to Level IV in the accounting department of the Indian Company Law Service. Nearly any type of organisation whose business is handled by board members, council members or other associations, federations, authorities, commissions or the like will find it useful to nominate a qualified secretary of companies in senior positions in the administration.

Upon receipt of a "Certificate of Practice" from the Institute, the members of the Institute may decide to become self-employed. Any company that has a paid-up equity of res. 10 lakh or more but less than res. 5 chrore is obliged to use the service of a full-time secretary to obtain a conformity certification.

In accordance with Term 49 of the Listing Agreement, the acting Company Secretary was authorised to certify adherence to the terms of the Code. Practising company secretaries have also been recognised as appearing before various courts, such as the Company Law Board, the Securities Appellate Tribunal, the Competition Commission, the Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal, consumer forums, tax courts, etc.

Works councils in practice also provide service in the following areas: Company Secretary course is:

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