Eclipse 500

The Eclipse 500

At prices ranging from less than $1 million to just over $2 million, a used Eclipse EA500 can be the best very light jet value on the market. class="mw-editsection">[edit]/span> Eclipse 500 is a market name for the Eclipse Aerospace EA500, a small six-seater US corporate aeroplane initially produced by Eclipse Aviation and later retrofitted and marketed by Eclipse Aerospace. Eclipse 500 was the first of a new category of very light jets[3] when it was shipped at the end of 2006.

Eclipse 500 is powered by Williams V-Jet II, which was developed and manufactured 1997 by Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites for Williams International. Willyams had no plans to manufacture the plane, but it drew much interest, and Eclipse Aviation was established in 1998 to further design and manufacture the plane.

Procured by Eclipse Aviation along with the programme, the prototypes and the only V-Jet II airplane were given to the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 2001. The Eclipse cofounder and former CEO Vern Raburn was one of the first Microsoft executive managers. As a result, Bill Gates became one of the most important participants in the Eclipse work.

11 ] The VLJ approach has been followed by a number of vendors, and since the V-Jet II is based on one of the VLJ's main engine types, Eclipse considered it an optimal choice for refinement and marketing. The Eclipse 500 is a model that draws gauges from the production of compound airframes, and the aluminium shell is first placed in a mould, then the structural element is incorporated.

On July 27, 2006, the Eclipse 500 obtained the FAA's preliminary FAA design approval following the approval of the aircraft's PW610F powerplant by the Canada government. Complete certifications were not issued at that point because the winged end compound storage vessels did not comply with FAA flash award requirements. Consequently, Eclipse began to test an enhanced aluminium tip propellant cartridge.

The Eclipse also began producing the 500 so that the planes could be approved after full customer approval. At the beginning of December 2006 and in March 2007, Eclipse sent a series of customer mailings announcing changes to the original specification, for example: the new In October 2008, Eclipse discontinued the E-500 under 267, although 266 was finished much sooner in the year.

4 ] No more Eclipse 500s were made. Ken Meyer, Eclipse 500 holder, in a September 2008 paper wrote: "In short, although you can say many things about Eclipse Aviation and its many failures, the aircraft is a great aircraft. See, just by the numbers, the airplane is all it was promoted for... But what I didn't expect was how much the Eclipse would have pleasure flying.

Of course, every plane is great pleasure to ride, but with the Eclipse you just can' t help feeling like a combat airline driver. A few aircrews wielding the plane have criticized the Eclipse 500, its system and frequent outages. A company pilots, who is typified as a skipper in several FAR 121 and 135 planes and has long flights with the Eclipse 500, said:

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