The Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aerospace group that manufactures civil, military, executive and agricultural aircraft and provides aerospace services.

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The Embraer S.A. hangar with Embraer aircraft at the head office, in São José Dos Campos.... BrandsEMB, ERJ, Legacy, Lineage, Embraer S.A. (Portuguese pronunciation:[?mb?a???]) is a Brasilian aviation and space corporation that manufactures civil, defence, law enforcement and agriculture aircraft[6] and provides aviation related products and solutions. Embraer's early expansion was driven by the provision of manufacturing orders by the government of Brazil.

In 1980 Aerotec's core activity was the manufacture of Embraer parts. The company was divested to Embraer in 1987. Portugal/Europe (Évora, Portugal). Embraer and EAMS - Embraer Aviation Entertainment Inc. 0GMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal (Alverca do Ribatejo, Portugal) - Servicing, repairs and production of aerostructures and servicing.

The Windsor Locks unit (based in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA) - Implementation in 2008, as well as the Mesa units, also carries out service, repairs and overhauls in Embraer's Exec line. The Melbourne Division (based in Melbourne, Florida, USA) - Implementation took place in 2011 and is the first division in the USA to perform the terminal installation of aeroplanes.

Work began on an Engineering and Technology Center in Melbourne in November 2012. Figures contain airliner combatants. Embraer. Embraer - Investor Relations - Net income for the year". Embraer. Highlights, Embraer. Embraer vê client-es mais dispostos a compra de viões.

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"Embraer and Boeing intend to build a strategic aerospace partnership to accelerate aerospace growth globally" (press release). Boeing is in discussions about the combination with the regional jet maker Embraer. Embraer cap 16-year term with 1,000th delivery". Embraer C-390 Freighter Order for Brazil Post", Flight worldwide, September 4, 2007, released October 15, 2007.

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Embraer ECC Leasing Company Lessor Profile - CAPA". Embraer in China. Embraer Thinks About New Guys, Air Force One, 2010-10-21. Embraer Executive Jet is introducing the 1000E line. BR: Embraer. Embrace possible "Five-Divergence Aircraft" eye. We' re on a full balloon. Embraer launches "E2", the second generation of e-jets," aviation professionals, filed from the originals on September 11, 2004.

Order worth 94 billion for 50 E-Jets E2 Embraer aircraft", The Economic Times, The India Times . Embraer closes the year 2010 with 246 delivered jets". Embraer to Deliver 105 Commercially and 99 Executives in 2011 (PDF) (Press Release), BR: Embraer . Embraer to Deliver 106 Commercially and 99 Executives in 2012 (PDF) (Press Release), BR: Embraer .

EMBRAER PUBLISHES RESULTS FOR THE 4TH FISCAL YEAR AND THE FISCAL YEAR 2015, AS WELL AS THE OUTLOOK FOR 2016. Embraer achieves its goals with the shipment of 108 airliners and 117 executives in 2016. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>="Regionals", <font color="#ffff00" size=14>2009>World Airliner, Flight Worldwide. Globally active airlines offer variety, flight globally, 2010. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>>^ "Regionals", Airliner Mondial, Flight Worldwide, 2011 >>.

Flight worldwide, 2012 . Mecham Michael (April 23, 2012). "Brazil's A&D industrial centers around Embraer." Archives from the originals on 2 May 2012. This deregulation law is closely linked to the successful development of the Brasilian aeroplane producer EMBRAER, the third biggest aeroplane producer in the whole wide range of countries.

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