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Freight operators around the world employ the global fleet of 767 freighters and use each aircraft an average of 10 hours a day. Boeing 767 is a two-aisle, twin-engine wide-body aircraft. Boeing: 767 Programme 767 reached an important milestone with the delivery of the 767-300, the company's hundredth freighter, to FedEx. Freight carriers around the globe employ the 767 freighter fleets worldwide and use each aircraft anveraging 10 hrs a day. Every aircraft is operated by a single operator.

Since the launch of the aircraft, the 100 cargo ships that have been shipped to date have collected more than 2 million flying time.

"Said Brad Zaback, VP and General Manager of the 767 programme, "This hundredth shipment is a great accomplishment for the whole 767 group. "Everybody on 767 works harder to successfully construct and punctually ship to all our clients by assisting them in delivering goods and parcels around the globe every day."

Freighter 767 is able to transport more than 60 tonnes of cargo 3,765 sea-mile ( 6,972.8 km).

The Boeing 767 of United Airlines can be substituted according to a reported.

Reuters reports that the Chicago-based airline is negotiating with Boeing and Airbus on a deal that would help it substitute the approximately 50 Boeing 747s currently flying in its aircraft population. As Reuters quotes in its article, undisclosed "people acquainted with the discussions".

Reuters said in the report: "Europe's Airbus is supposed to sell its revamped Airbus 330neo against Boeing's 787 Dreamliner in a $14 billion dollar transaction at listed price, the two reports said. and all three have refused to express their views on the type of talks." Commenting on the Reuters article, United refused.

United' Boeing 767 aircraft are among the oldest in the airline's main-haul airline fleets, with an avarage of about 21 years, says Airbus is of course impressed by the latest development for its new Airbus A 330neo. At the beginning of the year Hawaiian Airlines withdrew an order for the Airbus A330neo and opted instead for the Boeing 787-9 dreamliner.

Recently, American Airlines also ordered 47 new Boeing Dreamliners, which will select this aircraft from those offered by Airbus. U.S. already has Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights and has ordered even more. When United begins delivering its first "Dash 10" 787s later this year, the 787 aircraft will have all three Boeing jets in its family.

U.S. was one of the first clients to start with Boeing's first Dreamliner 787-8. Meanwhile it also took over the 787-9 as well. United' A330 is not part of its Airbus A330 family, although the carrier has ordered more than 40 of Airbus' A350 wide bodies. Shipments of this aircraft are scheduled to arrive at United in 2022.

United' latest Boeing 767s offer space for up to 242 occupants, according to aircraft type and precision configurations. Airbus A430neos can accommodate between 250 and 310 occupants in a typically two-class layout, according to the version. United' s 787-8s and 787-9s are designed to carry 219 and 252 passenger respectively.

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