Multi stop Ticket

non-stop ticket

Learn why you will see the "Multiple destination" option above the fields where you enter your start and destination. On your way to a one-way ticket from New Zealand? The Multi-City Routes are smaller routes that can concentrate on one area of the world. Tickets around the world are a great way to travel or backpack. Basically, they are long-haul multistop flights and you can see many places.

Circumnavigation Tickets and Multi-Stop-Trips

One circumnavigation ticket can lead you virtually around the globe, but more generally it means any long distance multi-top ticket. Round the Word Ticket is essentially a set of pre-booked individual tickets that take you wherever you want, over what periods (one to 12 months) - it's up to you!

Counterclockwise - first via the USA and the Pacific Islands, then via Australia and New Zealand and back to Southeast Asia. Over Southeast Asia first to Oz, New Zealand, and then back over the Pacific Islands and the USA. For the first ever, most rucksack tourists turn counterclockwise as they can reach the simpler USA, Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia areas ahead of the more challenging Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian states.

This also means making the more costly targets first and then letting the cheaper ones go in case you're broke! You can go where you want, how long you want (usually 12 months), when you want, where you want, how much you want, how much you want to pay for your ticket, how much you want to save for your journey.

You can depart from most large UK destinations, although you will be more likely to get a better offer from the large London destinations as they have more flight connections. Around the globe, from January to March, ticket prices are lower, which coincides with some of the best times of year to visit the country you will be in.

They are fully compliant, which means you can modify them at any moment, so you have a great New Zealand experience, so you choose to remain an additional months. They should not have to be paying to modify your ticket when you travel around the globe, but some businesses now charging fees.

I suggest that if you are at all anxious to travel through Southeast Asia first, you travel counterclockwise around the globe - first the USA and the Pacific Islands.

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