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Sometime you make it a few troublesome folks filthy automobiles and posture, and then there are sometimes there is a very beautiful neat passenger auto and very professionally. Arriving in my taxi, I thought it was one of my degenerated "home girls" who hadn't triggered it. Forgotten to tell me I was splitting a trip with others.

A 6 miles drive was given to me after the rider showed up delayed (because of a wrong pick-up location because the dispatchers were unable to talk English). Obviously my trip didn't bring enough profits, so after I told the chauffeur that I would need him at the same place at the same hour the next working day, calling the scheduler to order the taxi the next working hour and they wouldn't do it.

The Global Taxi is a shady.... is an infamous name. They gave me a trip from home to a corporation (less than seven miles) and I was informed that the charge was $25.00. Calling the dispatchers, I talked to Mr Moses and asked him what the costs of a 7-mile rate would be without saying that I had already been given a trip.

When I complained to the owners about this unfair chauffeur, I learnt stories from the chauffeur, Duane, and Mr Moses' pretexts about how he was going to fix an overload. Mr Moses even with a slip and the delivery to and from addresses has declined to refund to me what he has deemed excessively equitable. Don't back this disloyal firm or these disloyal men.

The car was beautiful and neat and the rider was very kind. South taximeters start less expensive, so a less expensive trip is possible. Never again would I drive an area taxi that took 2hrs to pick me up and I even went home. Only 15 min. was needed to get to me, and I know they don't have as many riders as an area taxi.

As for the global cab, there's a pot. You don't even have plates on your vehicle telling you you're a cab. All I had to say was how much better the south cab is than all the other taxi service in Douglasville. Do you need a lift?

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