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What does a taxi cost in Darwin, NT, Australia? Authorization, application and time of voting of the Darwin taxi license. Arriving in Darwin on a cruise ship, we decided to call the Darwin Radio Taxis for a taxi to give us a two-hour tour of Darwin's interesting places. I wonder what the taxi fare would be from the airport to the Holiday Inn Esplanade. There is a need for more contributors to Darwin to improve the quality of our data.

Default taxi licenses

On Friday, 1 July 2016, a vote was taken in Darwin on taxilices in which 13 taxilices were awarded, and only in the Darwin region: four multipurpose taxilices (MPTs). The release of the taxilices takes place in two steps. Level 1 taxis to be put into service from 1 July 2016: four MPS licenses.

The level 2 taxi fees authorised from 1 September 2016 include: six basic taxi fees. Prospective candidates for the new taxi licenses are shown below. Darwin Taxi Vote 2016 contained an eight-month deadline for the re-allocation of surrendered taxilices. All taxi licenses returning after this date will be provided in the next round of voting.

It is now the duty of the taxi industy to comply with the most important benchmarks for quality of services and uptime. Obtain the taxi index standard (506.0 kb).

Taxis, taximeters and tariffs

Drivers may drive their taxi or utility vehicles (CPVs) only in the area specified in the license granted for such vehicles. These are three major trips that can take place within a taxi area and for which specific regulations apply for the use of taximeters and tariffs. Drivers must pay the right fare to the taximeter throughout the trip.

Drivers must use the taximeter for the part of the trip within the taxi area, and passengers may agree on a price for the part of the trip outside the taxi area. Drivers can use the taximeter and calculate a price up to the counter's value at the end of the trip.

Drivers don't have to use the taximeter. Passengers may agree on a ticket price before departure. Drivers can use the taximeter and calculate a price up to the counter's value at the end of the trip.

When you are a taxi rider, you have the right to deny the taxi ride if: your customer cannot demonstrate that he can afford the right price. They also have the right to bill a $50 clean-up rate to customers if they pollute the taxi. When you are traveling as a taxi traveller, you have the right to: a voucher at the end of your journey.

At the beginning of the tour you should also tell the rider if you need changing for a $50 bill or higher. When you need a taxi, you will be billed different fares according to the season, whether on weekends or holidays. When your itinerary includes several lessors with more than one departure point, the chauffeur will ask if you want to share the price.

This means, if you accept, that each person will only be paying 75% of the real price they would have paid if they had driven. When you travel with a group of five or more persons, you will be billed a high rate of use. Two fees apply according to the date and hour you travel.

Travelling from Monday to Friday from 18.00 to 6.00, on the weekend or on bank holiday, the ticket price will be up. The Tennant Creek - 4.3 lb tarif card for taxi drivers.

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