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Traveller fares: Favourable flights in case of death, illness and sickness

Of course you're desperate, so don't be worried about the fare. Keep in mind that last minute rates are not inexpensive. When you need a last-minute plane and are living in a small town, go to the largest nearby aerodrome. If you buy a last-minute fare, make sure you have your own airports and the airports within two or three hour travel time.

However, if you have to go the next morning, take a look at the budget carriers. AirTran, however, had a $451 ticket even though it contained a stop. It' s Twitter because, as the Los Angeles Times logger Jen Leo says, "It's the daily market tool," a way for airline companies and others to get in touch with people.

At times, carriers twitter extremely last-minute deal; their PR and advertising divisions supervise these account and may have more options to provide promotional codes or other rebates. I also know an airfare shop that offers airfare tickets for your home base. In fact, many last-minute carrier package holidays with hotel-car-flight combination can be less expensive than an airdrop.

Take a look at the offers in places such as Delta Vacations before you miss out on a less expensive last-minute outing. Are there any other carriers that have death rates? Yes, indeed, although sometimes the rebates are anything but pointless. Be honest, 10 per cent discount on a $1,000 next morning ticket is still a juicy price in anyone's books.

Among the "Big Five" carriers, only US Airways has no mourning or sympathy rates. Uh, American Airlines: They say they "may" be offering crash or grief fare, but you need to call their reservations department to find out. Connecticut. Continental Airlines: In case of decease of a member of the household or serious medical condition, rebates are possible, but you must produce proof (e.g. document of death); rebates are 5 per cent on tariffs up to $499, 10 per cent on tariffs up to $999 and so on.

In case of decease or impending decease, rebates are possible, but you must contact the reservation office for further information. Unites Airlines: It can be the most lavish insurance in respect of coverage (death of a member of the immediate family, visit to a seriously ill or wounded member of the immediate family, or health care).

Discount is 10 per cent on "any posted price for tickets bought within six business day of travel". The majority of budget carriers, such as AirTran, JetBlue and Southwest, do not provide mourning services. JetBlue says on its website, "because our rates are already reduced for all our clients. The use of frequent flyer mileage is always a good idea, and if you don't have enough frequent flyer mileage, buy more or trade frequent flyer mileage with your friend or relatives to cash in a pass for you.

One of the country's top airfare specialists, Rick Seaney gives interview and research for major media groups such as ABC New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Associated Press and Bloomberg. Its website provides free, latest-generation consumer air travel solutions, coupled with specialist advice to help them find the best air tickets.

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