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Lowest price available, Premium Economy, Business Class or higher, First Class. Prices quoted are one-way and include all taxes and surcharges. Lewis's complete guide to finding the cheapest train tickets, overcoming booking fees, uncovering hidden savings, obtaining cashback, and more. Current Ticket Requests Observe a pitfall when purchasing a one-way ticket. Get cheap flights to the Canary Islands and Madrid and book your ticket at the best price!

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One-way prices include tax, administrative and other non-optional fee and cabin bags (max: 55x40x23cm, 10 kg). There is an extra charge for each item of hold baggage. Disposable rate includes tax, administrative and other non-optional costs and a carry-on case (max: 40x30x20cm). There is a charge for the use of the cart bags and each item of holdall.

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They most likely know that if you make a reservation early you can get cheap rail tickets, and if you are looking for a cheap place on board the Polar Express to come home for Christmas, now is the best season to begin making reservations. When it comes to cheap rail journeys, two single people often make a comeback, especially over Christmas, as there is often a gulf between pre-Christmas and post-Christmas tickets on the market.

Usually you can often make savings by buying a cheap pre-Christmas singles on the sales date and then book a post-Christmas singles when tickets are out. Below you will find a listing of the Christmas and New Year availabilities of some companies - we will extend this in the next few weeks.

When your tickets are not yet available, see below how to receive a free notification when they are for purchase. Chilter RailwaysTo 8 DecTickets for the holiday season "should be available very soon" London North Eastern RailwayTo 28 DecBTo 7 Jan "soon" to confirm Even if you're not looking for Christmas tickets, it's rewarding to know that Network Rail needs to contract the schedule 12 week in advance as a rule.

However, tickets are currently only available six week in some cases because of the need for transient changes to schedules (leading to the May mess ) necessary for the introduction of new lines and lines. However, some railway operators now publish pre-sale tickets even sooner than 12 week ago - with the proviso that periods could slightly alter.

The Londonorth Eastern Railway, for example, often issues tickets 24 week in advanced for journeys from railway yards just outside York to London. When you know when and where you're going, there's a devious way to be the first to get in the cheap-line. Register and fill in your travel information using Trainline's ticketing alarm system, and you will receive an e-mail when you receive tickets for this special trip, which are usually the lowest rates.

In order to help you, National Rail also has a prospective timetable information service that shows the latest date in the near term on which you can purchase tickets for any rail company.

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