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Buy, trade and discount with Canada's number 1 local classifieds. Receive a notification with the latest adverts for "Cheap Taxi" in Mississauga / Peel Region. Booking your travel with us services provided up to 10 persons Either a group of 4 persons A group of 10 persons We can take you to many places according to your 24x7 1 require. Pearson Affordable Airport Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Services 1 416 456 0095 Package Van Taxi to Airport Privater Child Seat Van Taxi Services Cheap Van Taxi Services www.gtataxiairport.

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Booking your travel with us services provided up to 10 persons Either a group of 4 persons A group of 10 persons We can take you to many places according to your 24x7 1 require. Bolton, Caledon East Bolton Peel Region 416 456 0095 E-Mail CHEAP AIRPORT TAXI CALL 416 456 0095 UNBEATABLE FLAT RAATES CALL 416 456 0095 FOR .....

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Towns near where we have more data: 1223.80 C$2240.30 C$3256.80 C$4273.30 C$5289.80 C$* - This is an estimate of the ticket price. Real fares may vary due to daytime, toll charges, work (available routes), various automobile manufacturers, pricing errors, and other personal or computer-related errors. Please post a comment:: HI, my name is Sammy and I currently reside in Mississauaga.

Excellent and cheap - Toronto Airport Taxi, Mississauga Traveller Review

There were four of us in this house with four cases. It takes about 20 min. to get to the centre of the city. Horrible client support! Whether a driver adheres to a specific log for client services at all, or whether they are just asked to go and say what they want to say, I don't know! So we took a taxi (the lineup was fast) at Pearson Airport.

Just didn't take the trouble to reserve this one and try to use the ones strung up at the airports. Didn't know that pre-arranged services cost the same as the cabs you hire.... Once he had given us the prize, I asked if we could see the pricelist (as it was nowhere in the taxi).

As I asked for it, the rider shook his skull and said (while grinning): "Why, don't you rely on me? What should a rider get insulted for when a client asks for a pricelist???????? The only feeling I have is that the riders don't see the riders as buying people. That special rider was impolite.

In the taxi business, our after sales services are out. At the very least, this firm should instruct its riders to keep their mouths shut when they have nothing good to say. My 4-person familiy and I arrive at Toronto Pearson Airport, my older mom, my older nurse and my car-seated aunt.

So we got into the taxi line and before getting into the car I had asked him how much he would bill us for the trip into town. Said he saw a familiy he thought could take advantage of. Perfect dizziness as I took a taxi home from the airfield before and it usually cost $50-$60.

so he cheated the fake familiy, I'm sorry for anyone who was exploited. That' s why taxi drivers are not trusted by many. Asked for his taxi registration number, which he refused - I have the right to know this information.

Each taxi I've been in always has a photo of the chauffeur and the taxi registration number. I' ve had permanent taxi riders trying to take unfair advantage of my boyfriends and me, so we decided to take the road most of the while. Watch out for that taxi guy, he'll take your chances.

Taxi is always on schedule, usually a little earlier, and the vehicle is clear. Drivers are courteous and take care of their own affairs. They took the Pearson Toronto Airport services and it was convenient and inexpensive. Booking your ride back to Pearson Airport and you got there 10 minutes in advance. What?

You ever been in a Toronto Airport taxi?

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