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The above rates, which are quoted when purchasing in October and November 2018, incorporate aviation supplements charged on international ANA services that arrive and depart from Japan. In addition to the above rates, additional charges such as insurance supplement, airports taxes, etc. are levied. Where your routing involves travelling with other airlines, a supplement may be levied on the price of that one.

The rates displayed are changeable without previous announcement. Should the price of the tickets increase after they have been bought, the customer is not obliged to make the payment of the balance. Similarly, no refunds will be made if the price of the tickets drops after they have been bought. The rates applicable at the date of sale shall apply.

The number of places available for each tariff on offer is restricted. While some fares may not be available on all services, they may not be available on all of them. Kindly pay attention to the tariff terms and conditions. Bookings begin 355 business days prior to the date of the last scheduled travel on your route (excluding temporary offers). The rates may vary from the above example according to the date on which the booking is made.

Tariffs that are even more appealing can be offered on a temporary base.

baby travels

Travelling by plane is often costly as many airlines charge for hold luggage, food and additional leg room. Travellers with kids can in some cases take a rest from the airfare by getting a discount or even a free lap-baby pass.

As a rule, airlines provide the possibility for a parent of a minor under 2 to keep the baby on their will. Baby carriages are usually free of charge or tax and flight charges are only payable on home travel, although a small fare is often charged on international travel.

Additionally, some airlines, such as Southwest, provide a rebate on tickets for young passengers travelling in an FAA-approved vehicle safety device, such as a vehicle safety chair, while other airlines, such as United, provide additional basket carts for use on international services with an early infancy of less than 6 months. However, the FAA has not yet issued a rebate on the price of a basket carriage for the use of a baby in an FAA-approved vehicle. As a rule, mothers and fathers of 2+ year olds are obliged to purchase the full price of the adults' tickets for their own offspring.

Selected airlines are offering discounted fares for kids, such as Southwest, although rebates differ by city. Although there are some rebates for domestic flights, most airlines allow a pram and an automobile chair to be free with a child's luggage. United Airlines provides passengers with the option of carrying a changing case, breastpump and government-approved infant safety chair in place of their hand luggage.

Whilst there are special fares for international travellers, rebates differ from carrier to carrier and are not available on all of them. Discount fares are generally restricted to those under the age of 11 and not all fares are available on-line. On the BabyCenter website it is pointed out that it is often best to go directly to the carrier to ask for the latest discount for kids on international trips.

Please note that all airlines request that passengers, especially those travelling on a reduced rate travelcard, present evidence of a child's ages when they check-in for a trip. Air carriers often restrict the free luggage volume for passengers of childrens origin travelling at a reduced rate. Thus, for example, round trip passengers travelling free on Delta services do not have their own free luggage, while passengers travelling at a price equal to at least 50 per cent of the full adults' tariff have full free luggage.

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