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Reimbursement of private jet fares by healthcare clerk Dr Hunt Trenump

The prize was one of a fistful of high-ranking civil servants in President Donald Trump's cabinet who defended accounts of the use of charters and executive planes, sometimes for private trips, if they could have done so for less cash. Prize Fox News declared on Thursday that Trump had talked to him about the affair and was not satisfied.

When asked if he kept Trump's trust, Price said he was working for the president's amusement. The Washington based press office Politikico reports that since May Price had operated at least two tens of private charters at a price of more than 400,000 US dollars for US tax payers. Political leader in a Thursday evening newspaper said the White House had authorized the use of airplanes for other Price travels to Africa, Europe and Asia in early and late summers, costing the taxpayer more than $500,000.

"for $51,887 to the U.S. Treasury Department. 31," said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Welfare on Thursday. A HHS officer said that the prize pays its own contribution to the cost of the charters. Pricey said on Thursday that he thought he had maintained Trump's self-confidence.

High-ranking US Governments often tour, but are generally required to keep expenses down by taking business air or rail where possible. Prize, environmental administration Scott Pruitt and finance minister Steve Mnuchin were all in the limelight for their travelling customs. Politikico announced later Thursday that Interior Minister Ryan Zinke took a June charters plane from Las Vegas to Glacier Park International Airport in Montana costing $12,375.

There will be commercially operated services on the service. He also took charters between St. Croix and St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands in March and used a regular plane to fly to Norway in May, Politico said. Price said in his explanation that his trip had been authorized by law and government officials. What he said was that he had been able to get a visa.

However, he regretted the doubts voiced and undertook not to operate any more private charters while the Minister of Public Health was in charge. "Wasn' t sensible enough for my care for the taxpayer," said Pricey, an o.R.S. In February, despite the question of how he had bought stock in listed public hospitals while working on the laws affecting them, he was approved as a public Health Officer.

In 2009, as a US Democratic Party's 2009 proxy, Mr. Preis punished "the tax irresponsibility" of private aircraft use by civil servants on CNBC TV, which he published on Twitter. The Senate Democrats on Thursday set the prize at the asking information about his flight. HHS, EPA and Treasury Inspector Generals investigate compliance with public policy regulations on travelling.

On Thursday, the Washington Post announced that since mid-February, Pruitt has made at least four non-commercial and air missions, which cost the taxpayer more than $58,000. Liz Bowman, EPA spokesperson, said that Pruitt has used a charters aircraft, but that other contracted aircraft were operated by governments. In the Treasury Department, General Superintendent Mnuchin examines the use of a federal aircraft to travel to Kentucky in August and see Louisville and Fort Knox.

As part of the "CBS This Morning" programme on Thursday, Mnuchin said he would only use airplanes in the near term when dealing with domestic safety or " there are no other means of travel".

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