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Airbus private for sale

ACJ319 Airbus Private Jet Charter, sale and lease of private jets A slightly upgraded variant of the Airbus A319, the Airbus Corporation Jetliner, the Airbus Jetliner is an ultra-long-range private aircraft capable of carrying up to 39 and 156 people respectively. Developed for world leaders, the Airbus' Airbus A319CJ offers four executive squares with an executive suite, bath, shower, bedroom and lounge.

The ACJ319, a shortened model of the highly acclaimed ACJ320, is seven hull length less than its almost identically twin. The ACJ319 is known for its roomy inside cab and blends on-board comfort with continental capability. With three large staterooms with lounge, dinning room and bedrooms, the A 319 is truly a home away from home.

The 18 first rate passengers berths can be fully covered and transformed into a bed so that passengers can be well relaxed when they land. A private en-suite room also contains a complete bath and toilet. Together with the Airbus A320, it has the broadest available singles Eisle airframe, setting a benchmark for other corporate aircraft in its segment.

A number of different cab layout options offer flexibility in the six-zone cab and on-air connectivity allows users to use portable equipment during the flight. Keeping in contact with the outside worlds while travelling in private has become a high top-priority for passengers. Brazil is using the Airbus A319 as a portable flight control centre for president air services.

Recognized as the Air Force One or VC-1A of Brazil, the Airbus modified Airbus A319 will be used to carry the President of Brazil on all medium- and long-haul routes. The three different cab compartments fulfil three different purposes. Near the dashboard, the first room is a president's suite that acts as a private bureau, conference room and safety area.

The ability to travel up to 6,000 non-stop sea mile means that, unlike most private aircraft, the Airbus A319 can cover a distance from New York to Tokyo. His cruise of 447 kn is not much of a spectacle and is approximately medium for private planes, but the fact that he can keep this rate over 6,000 mile is an amazing achievement.

The ACJ319 has fly-by-wire control, as with all Airbus A318, Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 aircraft, and only one pilots are required to operate an ACJ Series aircraft. Up to six additional petrol bunkers are fitted to the Airbus' Airbus A319, enabling it to climb up to 41,000ft high.

There are also many basic interiors such as complete amusement kits, cab lights, moving seats, caboose, telephone system, sat TV, built-in audio and a private toilet.

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