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Simply select your pick-up location and the location where you would like to reach us. Select a taxi you like and in a few moments the taxi will be at your selected adress. Your booking histories, extra service, selection of an adress on our street plan.

Offers of quotations, tariffs, vehicles here are without engagement.


I ordered a car 20 minutes ago, no SMS, and the staff gets a call from me and doesn't talk! Taxi budduje Opti "CZARN? LIST?" where Klientów. In July I mistakenly didn't cancel the ordered car (problem with the phone application) and Opti...................................... The next time I tried to travel with Opti Taxi, the operator informed me that he had written him in the system that I was on the "black list" of customers - and I have to pay, because in his opinion I did not pay for not cancelling the course from July onwards.......

Apart from the fact that the Opti-Taxi system, as you can see, works like a grotesque wreck of a cheap dummy, they also do something as unprofessional and reprehensible as creating a "black list" of their customers. Finally I managed to persuade Opti to remove my phone number from her pathetic "black list". Despite several months of e-mails sent to Opti Taxi to remind them of the matter, many of the calls were made to the manager's promised callback contact - when it came to fixing the matter, no one from Opti's side contacted me anymore.

I strongly advise against using the services of Opti Taxi in Warsaw. The taxi ordered the day before did not advise me to come, and I was informed 10 minutes before the planned departure. I ordered by phone, there was a car up to 5 minutes. Sometimes they do not have free cars, but what is surprising is that the price of a good car is the price for people who throw themselves at peak times.

The driver drives the shortest distance and does not drive around like in a normal taxi, so that he can agree on the odometer. I ordered a taxi with a lead time of 3 hours and then received an SMS with the inscription "There are no cars available in your area". I have received my report positively from a member of the hotline. He did not advise me to apologize for the situation, and because of such an oversight I was forced to work too late to order a taxi from another company.

I would like to inform you that it is worth training staff in the procedures for accepting orders for the course or reminding them on an ongoing basis that availability is first checked and only then will staff declare their willingness to participate in the course.

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