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Let's really think about this 'new, cheap laptop to replace the MacBook Air'.

Your new notebook will look similar to the latest MacBook Air, but with slimmer apertures around the monitor. According to folks, the 13-inch monitor will be a high-resolution "retina" that Apple uses for other Apple product lines. I expect Apple to keep an eye on MacBook Air over the past few years only until the 12-inch MacBook was able to lower the cost to $999.

The MacBook Air would simply go away and Apple would have only MacBooks (no adjective) and MacBook professionals. And then, in the Intel age, plastics MacBooks and aluminium MacBook professionals. Lower prices for the consumer, higher prices for the professional. However, the Genuine MacBook Air dropped a spanner in this easy setup. MacBook Air 2008 was a premier mobile when it was launched, beginning at $1799 with an 80GB disk and up to $3098 for a higher -performance Mac with a 64GB SSD memory and a higher speed processor.

This was a different kind of high end portability than a MacBook Pro that concentrated on a noticeably slim (for that time) shapefaktor. As Steve Jobs unveiled the first MacBook Air by dragging it out of a Manila cover on Macworld Expo stages, there was gasping. Over the years, the introductory MacBook Air cost fell constantly and finally became Apple's entry-level handheld.

This 11-inch MacBook Air came at just $899 when it was taken off the market two years ago. I noticed the 12-inch MacBook as a repetition of the Air 2015 strategy: breathtakingly slim shape ratio, superior screen, but relatively pricey (compared to an Air at least) at $1299 at the beginning. It was my suspicion, again, that it would finally fall to $999 and the air would be set.

"Air " stands for slimness and ease, but the 12-inch MacBook is by far Apple's slimmest and easiest ever portable computer. However, a 12-inch MacBook that drops to 999 dollars is not what Gurman reports. As early as May, Gurman announced that Apple was working on both an updated 12-inch MacBook and a "new low-cost notebook to replace MacBook Air.

Simply take your MacBook Air and change the screen to a retrofit one. That' what MacBook Air enthusiasts - and there are many of them - have been asking Apple for years. Probably they would even keep the name "MacBook Air" in this case. Can we really anticipate Apple announcing a big new MacBook Air look with the old 2014-style keypad?

Apple MacBook post-2015 design is all-in to 3 port SSL/Thunderbolt connectivity. Will Apple bring out a new MacBook Air with MagSafe, old 3-port usb and things like an SD memory stick to it? Many of you read these thoughts: "Yes, that's exactly what I want - I want the old keypad, the old connectors, I like MagSafe, and I don't give a shit about a touch bar.

However, a new MacBook Air that is very similar to the present one, but with a return screen, would at least partially reject the last three years of MacBook and MacBook Pro designs. MacBook. Apple could substitute the Air with a new, slightly larger 12-inch MacBook.

One 13- or 14-inch screen, ultra-thin and lightweight, two 3-port, USB-C/Thunderbolt, the new post-2015 battery operated keypad. This could be a very attractive bike - I'm sure many folks would like a larger handheld screen without having to pay 15-inch MacBook Per for it. An issue with my years of "One day the 12-inch MacBook will fall to $999 and substitute the Air" thinking is that I suppose that many folks think the 12-inch MacBook is too small.

However, a 13- or 14-inch big MacBook 12-inch big sibling would probably be more expensive, not less, which would conflict Gurman's portrayal as "a new low-cost notebook to replace the MacBook Air. It' s something like the 12-inch MacBook, but larger tones sound like something Apple would do to me, but nothing like Gurman told me.

At the moment Apple has two Macs that begin at $1299 - the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar, aka "MacBook Escape". The 1299 12-inch MacBook comes with 256GB of memory; the 1299-inch MacBook Pro has a sleazy 128GB of memory.

Indicating to me that if one of these two engines falls to $999, it would be the 12-inch MacBook. And here, too, a simple fall in prices isn't consistent with Gurman's coverage, not to speak of the fact that it doesn't make much business to call the cheapest MacBook Pro.

Also noteworthy is that the 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar was not upgraded along with the Touch Bar model last months. When Apple upgrades the 13-inch MacBook Escape this autumn and introduces a new 13-inch low-cost MacBook Air replacement with a return screen, it seems like a line of products that would be more confused than ever.

It' s a shame that today's MacBook Air has a non-Retina screen, but at least that obviously clarifies why someone might want to pay a few hundred bucks more for the MacBook Escape. The 13-inch MacBook Air with retro screen and the 13-inch MacBook Pro without touch bar are basically very similar.

I' m not satisfied with any of these scenes, but I began with the notion that the one thing Apple wouldn't do is just upgrade MacBook Air as we know it, or very similarly, and give it a simple returnable screen. I' ve been saying this for several years, that I saw the futures only as MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and that MacBook Air only stayed in the program until the 12-inch MacBook could lower its cost.

The more I think about it, the more I think that something like "just insert a return screen into MacBook Air" seems most likely. Obviously, the computer called "MacBook" should be the best-selling computer for the people.

Today, however, we're three years into the age when the sleek MacBook is the radical thin and lightweight and the Air is the best-selling basic version that isn't really slimmer or weaker than the Pros. However, look beyond the name of the products, and it usually makes perfect business of it - a MacBook Air return of $999 would keep the overall Apple MacBook line current since 2015.

When this is actually Apple's autumn schedule, I'll be very interested in what's going to be upgraded besides the screen and what's not - especially the port and keypad, both of which were really contentious. The 3-inch A-Si panel for the new laptop has the same screen size as the Apple 13.

MacBook Pro 3-inch at 2,560 x 1,600. From April, LG display will equip the screen with the new MacBook, which is due to go into serial operation in late May or early June. So, if all these reviews are accurate and Apple comes out with a new entry-level sports car with a 13.3-inch screen and trimmed bezel, the device's carbon footprint should also decrease a little.

Therefore the actual 13. The 3-inch MacBook Pro has a smaller stand area than the 13th. MacBook Air 3-inch (11. 97 . 36 in. vs. 12 . 8 . 94 in.) MacBook Air 3-in. Maybe it's something that's very different from the MacBook Air of today, even when the cover is shut - a kind of midway between the MacBook Pro and the 12-inch MacBook.

One that retains the Air's classic drop-shaped pattern, but much bigger and fatter than a 12-inch MacBook. In that case, I would also want upgraded connectors (only USB-C/Thunderbolt 3?), a upgraded keypad (unfortunately) and a Force Touch tracking pad. Instead of rejecting the last three years of Apple's MacBook designer trend, this new entry-level MacBook would do it.

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