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Trump's ambassador lobbatised Britain on Robinson's name. Mr Brownback brought up the case of the campaigner, known as Tommy Robinson, at a June meet with Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the United States, according to a British civil servant and two springs near the organisers of a pro-Robinson rally scheduled for Saturday in London. Robinson, whose actual name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, although he uses other pseudonyms, is one of the founders of the English Defense League, which has organised violence against Muslim migrants in Britain over the past ten years.

Robinson has recently made a name for himself as a reporter and fighter against Islamist extremeism, a move that has brought him into contact with US anti-Muslim militants. At the end of May, Robinson was detained in front of a court building in Leeds, England, while videoing a case of abuse of children and being imprisoned for 13 month for breaking British laws that restrict public access during prosecutions.

Mr Brownback lifted Robinson's prison during a Darroch encounter on a series of " questions of free religion ", the British officer said early this week. 7,000 people were in prison at the time. Mr Brownback Darroch explained that if Britain did not handle Robinson more sympathetically, the Trump administration might be forced to criticise Britain's treatment of the case, according to the two sources involved in contacting organisers of the proposed pro-Robinson rally.

According to source, Robinson's followers, who were also in contact with the Trump government on the subject, were worried that he might be assaulted by other inmates. Brownback, who is a former Kansas government official and former U.S. Senator, was not available for comments. British Embassy did not give its opinion on further detail of the debate.

The Middle East Forum, a group from Philadelphia, said last Saturday that it would sponsor and organise a "Free Tommy Robinson" march in London, near the British Parliament, in cooperation with British and EU groups. According to the British paper The Independent, the meeting was supposed to coincide with a rally in aid of US President Donald Trump, who has nominated Brownback.

Demonstrators said in a flyer circulating in London this weekend that US Congressman Paul Gosar and Netherlands right-wing extremist Geert Wilders should address his meeting. Wilders tweaked on Thursday that he would not participate in the meeting because the British ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Williams, said to the Netherlands that Britain would not offer him safety.

The British riot control authorities said they would restrict the show to "prevent serious disruptions" after demonstrators at a prior show had said Nazi greetings and thrown flasks at officer.

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