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Digital Taxi Marketing, Phoenix, Arizona. Optimization of OMNICHANNEL MARKETING across channels to increase the efficiency and return of your digital marketing campaign. Bind, entertain and inform taxi drivers and increase brand awareness at the same time. Taxis Digital and traditional media.

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You' re a small businessman who wants to concentrate on your enterprise without having to worry about administering your website, keep it safe and run all your online or digital advertisements simultaneously. Having a part-time digital marketer is just the thing for you. It takes your organization a 30/60/90 days digital campaigns drive, and to conserve your precious resources, you need to source out your digital service.

Because a more sophisticated ad is what you need, this is your bundle. You' re a medium purchaser and need to source out some extra resource to execute your digital market house. Here's this bundle because you need a taxi cabin hire business to get results.

That' s the way we work digitally.

That' s the way we work digitally. No matter what your targets are, we work with you to comprehend your commercial targets, and then we conceptualize, execute, and optimise your digital marketing drive to provide the highest quality converted content at the most competitive price. Covering a broad range of sectors, for large and small companies alike, our knowledge is leveraged from the knowledge gained from hundreds of digital marketing initiatives to provide our customers with new, innovative strategies.

Have my digital advertising promotions been a success? Are you still asking if your digital advertising promotions are a success? In this section, we give you an insight into how you can access the most important key figures and use them to increase the efficiency of your campaign. Our expertise includes working with customers in automotive, retail, education, healthcare, recruitment, financial services, travel, entertainment, home services and more.

Taximedia solutions motivate taxi travellers to take taxi rides

Our taxi marketing software enables you to reach, amuse and educate taxi users while increasing your company's visibility. Deliver rich Internet experiences, messages, and even in-taxi ads through the Passenger Information Monitor (PIM). Passenger Information Monitor is a single unit taxi information medium and billing system for journey and location information, entertaining and safe payments accept.

Now, marketers can improve the passenger experiences with their brands at optimised hours and optimised sites. No matter whether you are a domestic or regional purchaser, our vibrant promotional solution delivers your messages with maximal effect. Customers can choose from a variety of different types of entertainment such as messages, advertisements, promotions, video and even a choice of entertainment that the driver chooses.

They have the option to raise the revenue of any car by placing taxi ads optionally through the PIM. 3rd parties can provide hyperdirected taxi TV ad contents depending on the real whereabouts and even the hour of the night. As an example, tourist from the airports can see In-Taxi ads that advertise for tourist attraction or restaurant.

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