New us Jet

The new us Jet

U.S. Army silently explores the new combat aircraft that could assassinate the F-35.

The US has used Lockheed Martin as a US Air Force hybrids between the F-22 and the F-35. F-22 is the world's best air-to-air fighter, and F-35 has the best sensor and capabilities to eliminate it. However, by making an all around better jet, the F-35 just launched, which is the most costly weapon system in time, could destroy the F-35 engine there.

The Lockheed Martins F-35 Lightning II J. R. Fighter has paid more than any weapon system in historical terms, but a light new concept from the same firm could see its best pieces disembowelled and beaten in the world's most deadly fighter jet: F-22. F-22 began developing in the 1980', when computer technology took up much more time.

F-22 has even launched a new class of fighters. F-35 profits similarly from camouflage, but with a smaller framework, smaller weapon radius and a unique puzzle, it works mainly as a short-range mission, focusing on the hunt for and destruction of hostile anti-aircraft systems rather than aircraft warfare.

F-35 can do this much better than F-22 because it has newer technologies, smaller computer and sensor. Lockheed, as Defense One reports, has suggested placing the F-35s' brain, sensor and computer in an F-22 aircraft cell to build the ultimate hybrids that would outperform any single jet.

However, what looks like a huge windstorm for the US, with two planes that can be paired to become the best in the wide range, could push the F-35, which has just begun delivery to US allied companies, into the background. USA will be spending a hefty trillion US dollar on the F-35 programme and exporting it to NATO and Asiatic partners, but while the jet will solve many issues related to today' aerial battle, it is not a one-size-fits-all one.

This way, an F-22/F-35 could conserve the best parts of both planes in a new and potent pack that could take the US mile beyond anything his opponents can affect, but it could still take the F-35 out before it even gets a shot at proving itself.

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