Cost to Charter a Jet per Hour

Costs for chartering an aircraft per hour

It seems strange that the hourly charter price of this aircraft has not changed significantly in fifteen years? Prices, Tariffs and Costs of Jetcharter. Not included in the costs are accommodation, meals, waiting times and landing fees. Chinese airline operating the charter calls it the "Dream Jet". Consumption of fuel (gallons / hour).

Within a $50,000 per hour Boeing 777 V.I.P. charter

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Booking long-haul privat jet charter

When you need a privately owned jet for your overseas or long-haul travels, a heavier jet charter is the first option for travelers who want the best in comforts, conveniences and speeds. Developed for traveling up to 6,000 mile or up to eight hour non-stop flying times, these planes provide ranges similar to many long-haul charter planes.

In comparison to smaller charter aircraft types, many heavier aircraft have spacious staterooms and standing room. The Challenger 600 Jet Charter is a leading commercial jet built by the Bombardier Aerospace Company of Canada. Challenger 601 is a member of the extremely popular Challenger 600 range of aircraft built by the Bombardier Aerospace Company.

Challenger 604 Express Jet is a multi-purpose jet that is very popular for long-haul chartering. Only a few serious jet charter companies have deserved a more faithful following than the Challenger 605 from Bombardier. Challenger 850/850XP Jet Charter is Bombardier's leading privately owned commercial jet. Interested in booking your best charter outing?

Meet our experienced, courteous staff of charter representatives here to help you with any queries you may have or get your offer started today. Don't hesitate, give us a call and we can get you on your way to the goal of your dreams!

Carbon>Advantages of our Aircraft Charter-Service

No matter whether you are looking for an imminent holiday with your loved ones or a medically necessary helicopter trip, our staff will help you find the right plane at the right cost for your crucial missions. Our Delaware and Rhode Island charter services are designed to help you make your reservation for a personal jet wherever you want.

Dumont Group, our mother organisation, is committed to providing you with the best transport in the deluxe charter world. Leading manufacturer and operator of more than 30 aircrafts ranging from Learjet 45 to Gulfstream IVSP. When your charter needs to get out of our deluxe fleets, our privileged airline charter base will be able to meet your needs with first class airplanes.

We are your leading charter company for corporate and private jet charter and want to ensure that your air journey is tailor-made to your needs. Our charter air transport has many advantages. It is our aim to make your trip as pleasant as possible. A further uniquely advantage of selecting our air charter facility is the ability to offer flat rates on a wide range of itineraries.

There are several important factors to consider when selecting a luxurious charter plane. It is our aim to tailor your flying programme, your individual advice and the services in the cabins to your wishes. You can really count on our luxurious jet charter firm and our fleets. A further thing to consider when selecting our luxurious jet charter services is our privately jet subscription option.

Every member tier offers you benefits such as uniform fares, easy month-end billing, a companion, animal-friendly charter offers and guarantee uptime. The luxurious charter business of our privately owned jets is committed to your convenience and security. Customers who decide to become a Jet Ticket Member do not have to think about limitations on days of travel, meals, night crewing costs, petrol supplements, park dues, Wi-Fi dues, landings or tax.

The ProspAir Jet Card has no concealed charges, is all-inclusive and 100% redeemable. Booking your next flights today! Would you like to know more about our charter air charter service or would you like to make a reservation for a charter holiday, we invite you to get in contact with us today! Contacting our expert staff for more information about a luxurious charter can be done by phoning 844-352-5387 or completing a request enquiry number.

If you are interested, you can simply make a booking on our website. Customers only need to specify the point of origin, final town, date of origin, date of transfer (return), the way you are currently travelling and the number of people.

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