New York Jets in England

The New York Jets in England

The AFL Oriental Division">edit]>span AFC East or the American Football Conference - Eastern Divison oder AFC East ist eine Abteilung der American Football Conference (AFC) der National Football League (NFL). Currently there are four divisional teams: Buffalo Bills (based in Orchard Park, New York), Miami Dolphins (based in Miami Gardens, Florida), New England Patriots (based in Foxborough, Massachusetts) and New York Jets (based in East Rutherford, New Jersey).

Ever since the division's licensing in 1960, with the founding of the American Football League, the divisions has been present in nineteen Super Bowls and won eight of them. AFC East Team's most recent performance in the Super Bowl was the Patriot in Super Bowl LII. During 2012, the dolphins were linked to the dolphins by the male dolphins to win most of the divisions; with the following divisions in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, the male dolphins won 20 AFL/AFC East divisions for Miamis 14.

Bill's won ten divisions, the Jets four. No AFC East team is currently playing in the inner cities of its area: the AFC East Team is the only team in the region: Playing The Bill's at Orchard Park, New York. Patriots perform in Foxborough, Massachusetts (they performed until 1970 in Boston, the biggest New England town, and took their present name in 1971 when they entered what was later known as Foxboro Stadium).

A little bit analogous, three of the four NFC East Team players don't really gamble within the town of their name ( only the Philadelphia Eagles do). Chris Berman of ESPN often refers to this department as "AFC Adams" because it is geographically similar to the old Adams Department of the NHL, which is now replaced by the Atlantic Department.

Together with the AFC (formerly AFL) West, the AFC East is the oldest NFL department in relation to the founding date (1960). Position the mouse over the year for the Divisions Champion or Super Bowl Teams. Not in the Won AFL Championship Won en Won en Division AFC Championship Won en Won en Division Super Bowl A Boston Patriots umbenannt en New England Patriots en Division AFC Championship Patriots en Team.

Houston Oilers move to the new AFC Central Division (1970 season) and are later rebranded Tennessee Oilers (1997 season) and then Tennessee Titans (1999 season). New York Titans rebranded to New York Jets (1963 season) D Miami Dolphins enfranchised in New York Jets (1966 season) E Baltimore Colts merger from NFL's Western Division to AFC East (1970 season) F Baltimore Colts move to Indianapolis, later rebranded to Indianapolis Colts (1984 season).

A player strikes in 1982 shortened the normal playing time to nine matches. Miami had the best balance of the divisions team. A player strikes in 1982 shortened the normal playing time to nine matches. Miami had the best balance of the divisions team.

REFLECTTS Colts & Oilers results only during the time in the East Segment. You can sort your team by name, number of victories in divisions, play-off tables or title in the sorting chart below. NFL West repositioned in 1970 Fusion. Reorientation towards AFC South from the 2002 NFL-Saison. Refocusing on AFC Central in 1970 and AFC South in 2002.

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