Rent a Plane in las Vegas

Hire a plane in Las Vegas

You will learn to fly in our fleet of safe and efficient aircraft. You can say "I do" or renew your vows while flying your own private plane over the beautiful Las Vegas area. Stop dreaming and get on your own stunt plane.

Aircraft rental, Las Vegas - Cactus Aviation

The TSA website contains hints and frequent mistakes made by candidates for flying school. Please click on the link below to complete and install the Cactus Aviation Pilot software. Should you have any queries or require support with the use of the software, please call our offices at (702) 261-4883 between regular opening times or send us an e-mail.

Thank you for choosing Cactus Aviation.

Aircraft for rent - Las Vegas Forum

Thought someone on here might know if/where in Vegas you can "rent" a plane for a few lessons or a whole working days? One of my friends, who goes to Vegas with us in February, has his pilot licence and keeps it up to date and legally and asked if he could rent a plane and take all of us to the Grands Canon touring.

Visit the McCarran website and above are the Henderson and North Las Vegas airports link. At a side remark, most hire stations will want you to be verified by their supervisor before hiring. Your boyfriend may have to switch off your hobby or speedometer plus the trainer for a test drive for one hours.

The North Las Vegas International Airports has a few pilot training centers and airplane rental offices. If your boyfriend is not currently in LV and Grand Canyon space, he needs a checked trip. For VFR sight-seeing and Grand Canyon missions there is a very heavily frequented air space and area. You can find all the latest maps at North Las Vegas International Airports.

For the air space around and in the area of the General Cercle there are stringent regulations. The only reason I wanted to pose was because I know a fellow who took his Gemini into the Dominican Republic - he must have played Luke Skywalker in a Death Star bomb attack, and he got himself into some FAA troubles.

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