Oce Lightjet

Ocean Light Jet

The LightJet is a brand of hardware used to print digital images on photographic paper and film. The LightJet printers are no longer manufactured, but remanufactured and resold; and their lasers continue to be manufactured. The LightJet FE Open Interface User Manual < viii.

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The LightJet is a trademark of computer equipment used to print image files on photopaper and photofilm. The LightJet printer is no longer produced, but reconditioned and sold; and its toner is still produced. Unimaged AgX photopaper is temporary mounted on a static inner cylinder on which three numerically driven clean and dry cameras illuminate the photosensitive emulsions on the carrier at the same time with fluorescent lights (red, fluorescent and blue).

Every laser's amount of radiation will vary to obtain unique colour and densities for each of the pixels printed. Optical pathway comprises a rotating, surface-coated reflector installed on an aerodynamic support that moves along the inner cylinder axle to reflect the 90 degree beam of reflected beam energy, providing a true to scale round image point across the whole area of the film.

Afterwards, the photoprint is treated like any other photoprint. Whilst prints using raster technology and inks are used for the reproduction of pictures on hard copy, Digital-C is a permanent sound method and not half-tone or defect perfusion, as is the case with litho presses or colour printers.

Native support for 24-bit RGB halftone screen data is provided, and the unit is able to print vector-based data if supported by a RIP (Photographic Image Processor). Continuity 24-bit colour printers use a large number of colours, up to 16,777,216, instead of the small number of colours available for 4-colour presses and 8-colour inkjet printers.

Because of the easy halving of the lightsource, high-end digitally printed C-Prints have real continous sounds, which are not possible with pictures taken with pen colour or pigment (due to CMYK screen limits). PMA presented the LightJet picture writer in 1995. was the LightJet2000, a three-laser permanent sound recording device (the retail value was 195,000 US dollars).

It had a 11×14 inch screen area. LightJet2000 has largely superseded the File1000 movie recording device. PMA unveiled the largeformat printer WhiteJet5000 in 1996. Produce photo print with continous sound and Duratrans up to 50×50-inch. 1997 saw the introduction of a 50×100 inch printable model.

In 2000, the photolaser printers were launched, namely the 50 " x 120" x 50" LightJet430 (image size). In 2002, the 76 " x 120" (image size) 76 " x 120" 76 " LightJet 500XL Drucker was launched.

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