Private Jet Service Membership

Membership of Private Jet Service

Membership Jet Card Possessing a private jet membership is like having your own flying division in-house. This gives you the opportunity to check your timetable and make the most of your free moments. You' ll have more than 5,000 private planes to take you anywhere. The best of all is that your Stratos Jet is backed by a dedicated business dedicated to delivering a premium client service environment with the most secure and serviced planes on the market.

Stratos 25 Hour Jet is the perfect jet pass for private and corporate customers who want to enjoy the advantages of private air travel without the effort, cost and long-term involvement of owning an airplane. The programme provides the advantages of private airplane owning with a short-term engagement. Our fixed-price Jetcard's ease of use in supporting the reservation procedure makes it so attractive for customers:

In addition, with a Jet Creditard membership programme, you are assured 10 hours lead time even at peaks. Also, if your plane is in short supply, you don't have to reposition it to the desired point of use. As soon as you have informed your charterer when and where you would like to go, we will take generally charge of the remainder.

Like the name implies, our private jet membership offers 25 hour busy flying within a particular class of airplane, inclusive: Low-weight jet planes are the most economical option for shorter journeys of up to three flying hours or 1,600 mph. The available jet chart elements of the airplane contain:

Space for six to eight occupants and a little more luggage than small aircrafts, medium-sized jetliners can reach up to 2,500 sea-mile or up to five hour flying times. Aircrafts that are available for medium-sized jet cards: Developed for global deployments, our premium mid-range jet can fly up to 3,500 sea-mile or up to seven hour under optimum operating condition.

Staterooms of this category are roomy and usually have closed toilets and full kitchens. Among the available aircrafts for jet map members of this category are: Ideal for large groups of up to 14 people, these ultra-spacious airplanes are the same flats in the skies, with closed toilets and full kitchens.

Lots of heavier planes can also be set up in different sitting and sleep positions to offer optimum comforts. Offering a default journey time of up to 7,000 mph or 12 consecutive hour, it is perfect for intercontinental and trans oceanic outings. Among the planes available to jet ticket members are the following: Selecting the type of aeroplane that best fits your specific private aeronautical needs allows us to offer you the most suitable aeroplane in relation to cruising distance, airspeed, passenger limitations and equipment on board.

In every category there are many available aircrafts, and we have more than 5,000 aircrafts available around the world, which allows us to ensure uptime. Let us know 10 hours in advance and we will have a private jet waiting for you at the destination of your choosing. The prices for our private jet membership depend on the selected airplane category.

A bigger size means more money for the game. To compare the prices of on-demand charters, please visit our price list. The first ones are usually lower when you compare on-demand charters with Jet Cards. The value of the jet map, however, is shown for non-standardized routing.

Let's assume, for example, that we have a customer who books a Charleston International (CHS) to Bozeman Yellowstone International (BZN) charter for a little open-air outing. Flying 4.9 hrs in a super-midsize jet would mean that a jet ticket member would pay about 46,000 dollars. It illustrates how a private jet membership shields the users from pricing volatility, while on-demand renting makes airplane accessibility and position dependant.

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