Ola Driver Application

The Ola driver application

Here is the page for Ola Driver Partners. About ( About ): How to become a driver of Ola and Uber? Which is the declared trial for it?

Possess an industrial driver's licence (driver's identity card) and a criminal record number. It'?s your vehicle: A utility vehicles (yellow sticker) must be in good working order, new or 2010 above the original one. If you have an idOS or Android mobile device that support the Uber affiliate application. Documentation: Earning your salary completely depend on the amount of travel you make, the more travel you make, the more money you can make.

In addition to the income from the travel, you have other advantages such as bonuses, incentive and recommendations. When you connect the auto to Uber, you get a preinstalled Uber application unit. Over 20% take as provision on the overall revenue you earn.

Like taxi driver playing the system to outsmart Ola and Uber.

"Sometimes it just doesn't make much difference to wait for the passengers, and when it's rush hour, we canceled the trip and make sure the client is paying for it. This way we do not loose our incentive," says a taxi driver who is present both on Ola and Uber. Sometimes a client book es a taxi and is billed for the journey, but the driver does not appear.

It' one of the many haircuts that taxi driver use. A current teetotal by a swimming pools user about the different types of hacks used by riders to defraud the system and make more profit has posed some issues. A former Ola staff member gave us a series of hacks under the conditions of anonymousness with which the driver would destroy the system.

They are the most important minions the Ola and Uber driver use to trick the unicorns: Some Ola driver says I didn't work before. Even the incentive and payment ensures that I can make almost 8,000-10,000 pounds a single night, according to how many trips I make. In the beginning, when Ola began, the riders deserved several llakh-rucopies.

The higher the number of trips, the more a driver earns cash. It is therefore not strange that riders use different types of minions to give the impression that they are making more trips. It' s customary for a driver to have two telephones, one with the Ola Driver Partners application and the other with the Consumers application.

It would be the act of hacking to reserve the journeys and immediately agree to them. It would show that some riders made almost 30 journeys in one single workday. Just think, there is a driver in Bellandur named Y and his boyfriend in the afternoons, when there is little interest. However, the system can be tampered with in such a way that the driver could profit considerably.

Riding can sometimes be tricky, and since there is little in the way of controlling when a driver leaves, there are many occasions when a driver decides to go home early. Although this is alright, it also means a reduction in incentives. So, to make sure that the driver gets his incentives, whether he is travelling or not, he would ask a boyfriend or another taxi driver to arrange a taxi to his home town.

"In this way, the driver would not only receive an additional stimulus, but the fuel costs would also be covered by a travel and not by his own personnel costs," says the former Ola staff member. We had some vehicles and riders registering on the deck but not really on the system.

Could you arrange another trip Sir/Madam? At Ola we have over 18 trips that a driver has to make in one single race in order to get his attraction. Although we would like to believe that in most cases the driver partner is able to finish their journey, in many cases they simply are not.

On many occasions after a trip has been completed, a driver will probably ask you to get out of the car and just make another reservation. If you have "Ola Money", he will make sure that he will refund you everything, but if you are over, he will ask you to select the bar.

As soon as you have reserved the journey, he just makes sure that he uses the services and ends the journey after a certain route or to a "predefined" goal. Employees say that the pen has been placed on the cabin to make sure the closest cabin is used.

In order to make sure that this Hack does not take place again, the entries were randomized. "It was all done with the help of technological tools, we didn't challenge or punish the driver," he added. Reinforced by the ex-employee, he added that a real client will have different site journeys, different chauffeurs, possibly a few airfield excursions, and even an outside train ride.

So, if they see that a client has several journeys from the same place and possibly from the same driver, they can be sure that it is a case of driver deception. As Ola and Uber work according to an aggregate scheme, anyone, from an individual to an operator with a driver pool, can sign up on their platform.

Those who have over 15 to 20 driver on the platforms would therefore be decompiling the driver API and ensuring that the posting can be made through a computer and not through adept. They estimate they would employ a developer to make sure the driver's cab is accessible from the computer," says the former Ola staff member.

In order to make sure that these scams do not occur, everything that makes it hard to get through a computer has been ciphered. Although there is a strict policy against price increases today, if they were to apply, riders would use a favourite Hack to make sure that price increases or price peaks increase. There would be a group of riders gathered in one place.

Most of the riders would then turn off their equipment and a few would leave it on. Riders with their equipment would keep the overview, and the moment the price increase started, other riders would turn on their equipment. Ola's ex-employee claimed to have installed an algorithms that made sure over 10 operators couldn't turn off their equipment at the same outing.

Ola just began with the field station a few month ago, but the riders have already begun using their Hacks. In case a client book an external station operator and the costs are 2,500 GS, the driver receives this amount minus 800 GS, which is Ola's comission. The driver often asks the client to void the reservation and suggests to the client to drive the car himself at a discounted price of 2.000 Rh.

This way the driver tries to defraud Ola of his comission. There are a number of precepts every and every times a journey is canceled, we verify the driver's and co-driver's credentials to see if they have several different journeys with different persons and in different places.

More notable scams that the riders are claiming are that they are committing themselves: Whilst the San Franciso living colossus Uber and the Bengaluru living monocorn Ola are in conflict with each other, the riders don't really mind. Often, if you have reserved an Ola trip, a driver may ask you later to reserve a Uber and the other way around.

Easy - spur. Again, the same reasoning follows, booking a trip if possible and helping the driver to finish his "number of trips" for the tag or reach his destination. It is a standard practise for the driver to call you and ask where the dropping is and if you have reserved a trip over 10 km; it is quite possible that the driver cancels your trip after some delay and will use a flat tire as an apology.

Previously, they had cancelled the trip and referred to a cancelation enquiry from the client. Since the cabin aggregates started to check this assertion directly from the clients, the operators resort to different types of chops. Usually, most Ola riders ask on the Ola deck whether they are driving with Ola currency or not.

When you accidentally say "Ola Money" to these riders, be ready to hear a story that says the cash and incentives don't get to the rider on schedule and that we as clients should rely on the rider and not some mindless outfit. Ola, however, has always claimed that her driver partner is always remunerated every two working nights.

Yet there were cases where riders even refused trips if they ended up with Ola Money. The emergence of driver system hacking is not an Indian phenomena, there are several articles on Reddit and Quora talking about how Uber driver hackers the system worldwide. There is no such thing as consummate technologies, it is only a question of how long it takes to close these gaps, and then riders will simply find others.

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