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All overnight accommodation costs require a receipt, invoice or other proof. Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Software ....


International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2009), which cover a broad range of technology areas such as Distributed computing, AI, biotechnology, smart computing, smart computing and ambience assisted living: - DCAI 2009 (International Symposium on Distributed Compututing and Artificial Intelligence ), which deals with the topic of AI and its application in dispersed settings such as web, e-commerce, portable communications, cordless equipment, dispersed computers, etc.

All in all, this conference adopted 96 entries chosen from a group of 157 entries from 12 different nationalities. - International Workshop of Ambient-Assisted Living (IWAAL 2009), which provides technological approaches to improve the lives, security and healthcare of older and handicapped persons.

There were 42 entries, chosen from a total of 78 entries from 9 different nationalities. - Third International Workshop on Practical Applications of Computational Biology und Bioinformatics 2009 (IWPACBBB 2009), which focuses on computer-aided technology in the fields of biological and bioinformatic science as a way of discovering, modeling, and measuring science, and aims to develop calculation paradigms so that the reaction of biologically complicated devices to any disruption can be predicted.

All in all, 39 entries were received, chosen from a group of 75 entries from 6 different nationalities.

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