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SeaTac Airport, Seattle Hotels and Cruise Marinas with shuttle, city car, limousine, van and charter bus. New York airport shuttle to JFK (Kennedy), Laguardia (LGA), Newark (EEA). Joint trip and private transport in Seattle It' simple to book: just use our APP to make your reservation for your shuttles and city cars, make your reservation on-line or call to make reservations for your buses and coaches - we'll get you to Sea-Tac and back safe and on schedule, or anywhere in the area. We' ve been investing in new luxurious cars to give you a better driving pleasure.

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Seattle's Premier Share Carpool Service

You' ve never had such a share ride! We are still your friendliest, safest airport and privately owned transport company, but now we have a selection of high-end commercial classes and luxuries for your comforts. In addition, you benefit from the services of our fully covered drivers, who are fully underwritten, screened in the back office, drugs screened and fully screened to ensure your security and assurance.

Sharing a deluxe or SUV at the airport? Plus, Shared Drive gives you savings with extra fares and great familiar fares - children 17 and under for free, one for every contributing grown-up. NEW: Get the application, reserve your shuttles, safe your precious travel-times! Reservations are necessary for travel to the airport.

If you are booking your trip to the airport, your pick-up times are calculated on the basis of TSA's advice that you should be at the airport at least 90 min before your trip. We give you a 20 minute pickup screen - you can always count on your chauffeur arriving within that screen.

That allows additional transport and meteorological circumstances. If your pick-up hour is, for example, 10:00 am, your pick-up windows will be between 10:00 am and 10:20 am. For journeys from the airport, our services and rates are multi-stop. Due to the fact that our customers are arriving with different flight schedules, our departure from the airport is usually not immediate.

Once you have booked your journey in Advance from the airport, we can schedule how many transporters we need. Please NOTE: For all travel to Hawaii, please make sure you reserve an international ticket to make sure you have enough free travel to Hawaii. Do you bring additional baggage or crates? When you bring additional objects to the airport, such as e.g. club greens, a bicycle stall or large objects over and above the usual two permitted baggage allowances, call us and let your reservations know.

Since you share a vans with other travellers, your excess belongings are charged additionally if they match. So tell us about anything else when you make your travel booking and we will do everything we can to accomodate you. We are located in the centre of the Ground Transportation Plaza, from the luggage reclaim area via Himmelsbrücke 4 to the airport car park and on to the third floor.

You will be checked in by our co-ordinators between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. After 1:00 a.m. you will be checked in via the courteous telephone line that will connect you with our Guest Service Centre.

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