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On-line Taxis is a disposition system for fleet management. Easily ship with our cloud-based software. An all-in-one system with scheduling console, passenger app, driver app and online booking. Taxi Online is the taxi interface for an advanced taxi dispatch system.

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This system is cloud-based, i.e. it saves online information for maximum protection. Since there is no installation required, upgrades are part of the current product lifecycle. It has a built-in emergency stop key to keep your riders safe. Take advantage of our scheduling system for just $20NZD per rider per months.

Taxidisposition system & website redesign, cabin reservation sofware

What does our taxi reservation system do? Travelers can make an online reservation via the website. Drivers then use Google Maps to collect customers from the specified locations. As soon as the employee is at work, he changes the reservation state to " On Route " to notify the employee of the order state. Operators can see the driver's position in front of a card in near future.

Once the customer is collected from the pick-up point, the rider changes the ride state to " onboard customer " to inform the rider of the order progres. The travel booking is intelligently arranged and very easy, but if you have any problems, we are always there for you.

In contrast to other softwares, Easy Taxi Office ensures that someone is always on the other side of the telephone. Fortunately, you have found your way to Easy Taxi Office, and we are just the right guys you need to change your website. Having been professionals in this area for many years, we know very well what makes a good taxi website.

Fast response means that the website is extremely useful on any kind of plattform (phone, tray, PC). Our designs highlight your company.

Taxicab Dispatch Software | Online Taxi Dispatch System

Looking for an application to administer your taxi shop? It is equipped with a web portal that allows users to view the entire process of dispatching, driving and client roles. It is equipped with a web-based control panel for managing taxi cab s and chauffeurs. Can also allocate a journey to taxi riders. Operators receive a portable application, while operators receive a taxi reservation notice from clients.

The client receives a portable apartment with which he can reserve a taxi close by, depending on the taxi driver's available time. With the taxi scheduling tool, the client makes a taxi reservation by choosing the collection and return point, and then the client can check and reserve the taxi driver's presence who is not on a journey.

As soon as the client has booked the taxi, the notice will be sent to the taxi operator. Drivers then accept the message and confirm it back to them. At the picking station, the operator comes and begins the journey. While driving, the client can follow his position in the taxi application.

Eventually the client arrives at the final goal and ends the journey. The invoice is created and the client will pay the invoice, but can also give evaluations for the rider in the application.

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