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A failure to inspect the aircraft before submitting a tender shall not constitute grounds for cancellation or alteration of a subsequent sale. Aircrafts for sale offers Aeroplanes in the list can be ordered by plane types, state, year or even year. Selectable airplane characteristics are airplane make, make and models, condition and year. Pricing, photographs and registry numbers are also available for many of the planes for sale. You can also search the list of aircrafts according to certain criterias such as brand, models and pricing.

When you have an airplane for sale and would like to add it to our list of airplanes for sale, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. It is not necessary for the State box to indicate where the plane is currently situated.

Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters (Nationale Zentrale)

To respond to a tender, the bidder must uniquely designate his tender for each aeroplane, indicate his name, adress, phone number, e-mail adress ( if any), type plate and the amount of the tender which corresponds to or exceeds the existing tender threshold, if any. Tenderers should indicate how they wish to indicate the name and adress of the proprietor on the sales contract and attach a declaration by the tenderer duly endorsed stating the total scope of the tender and the intention to respect the other provisions of this notification.

In a bank cheque to be paid to Civil Air Patrol Inc., a folder of five (5%) per cent of the real bid amount is requested. The cheques of the failed tenderer will be sent back immediately as soon as the sale is completed. AS IS WHERE IS" is selling all aircrafts. The CAP does not guarantee, either expressly or tacitly, the state, operability or usefulness of an aeroplane promoted.

Suppliers should be expecting aircrafts to show signs of ageing. Any relevant TTA, TTE, SMOH indicated in this ad are estimated and suppliers are accountable for checking these TTAs and equipments from airplane and powerplant logs, if any. NOTE: Interested purchasers are strongly encouraged to check the airplane prior to submitting a bid.

Persons who have been designated as CAP representatives on the ground are used only to initiate inspections of aircrafts. Capital does not accept any responsibility for information given by persons about the state of the airplane. Not inspecting the aeroplane before submitting a tender shall not constitute grounds for cancellation or alteration of a later sale.

Early stamp of equivalent tenders is regarded as winning tender. Successfull bidders will be informed immediately and are obliged to fulfil the bid amount within 30 workingdays of the announcement. Before selecting a supplier, CAP retains the right to negotiate with the supplier. Queries about the airplane - Contacts for each airplane.

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