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Taxis can be booked online or by calling their telephone number. Taxi Service Getmecab Online - India Forum For my field station tour (24 - 27 March) I book a taxi at GetMeCab. Therefore I phoned GMC and they persuaded me that a cancelation will only take place if they do not get the prepayment before the journey. Confident of her words, I reserved a taxi and made the prepayment.

Drivers and cabin detail should be sent to me 8 hrs before departure, but I didn't get any. So when I phoned them, they said they couldn't get a chauffeur or taxi for me because it was Holi the next one. They seem to have noticed this only a few and a half hour before the beginning of my journey.

I' ve even been asked to work with them by looking through Google for a chauffeur, calling them and seeing if they approve of making the journey. There's no other way. I either have to take it or you can call off the journey and give me my full reimbursement.

Since I have already made my reservations, I had to approve. At 24. tomorrow (8 o'clock) I phoned again, because I did not get any driver/cab-notes. Around 10 o'clock I got the detail and phoned the chauffeur. Eventually he arrived at 5:30, 12 hrs after my planned arrival.

Adding that, my journey ended on March 27 at about 22:07. Again I phoned GMC and asked if they charged me an additional 7 min and the response was "Yes". I' ve never seen such a bad taxi company in my whole lifetime and will not dare to rent a taxi from them in the near will.

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The GTS Rent a Auto is the premier name for the best taxi services in the whole of Delhi, India. In order to fulfill the customer's wishes, we provide the best auto hire services in India. Our belief is that everything related to your needs is a reliable and comfortable taxi ride that offers the best travel experiences.

We offer you the best taxi services, that is our top-ranking. We have also agreed to help all of India's towns. Towns like Delhi, Agra, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Haridwar are some of the top reputations in portfolio where our taxi services have scaled well. Together with our taxi services, we offer our passengers a reliable and protected taxi experience.

Depending on whether you need Pick & Drop services, Outstation Taxi, Roundtrip Taxi and so on. You can rent a taxi for anywhere in India at very low costs. The GTS Car Rentals has also provided friendly taxi services throughout the whole of Delhi. Decide on a taxi ride in Delhi for a convenient and trouble-free travel adventure.

Clear tariffs, well-trained driver and outstanding convenience are all that stands between our services and our dependability. Delhi is available with Delhi sightseeing taxi services, out station or sightseeing taxi services. With your immediate reservation we can contact you to meet your travelling needs. The GTS car rentals has its own unique character and exists in the market for a taxi in India.

Our online cabin reservation services provide you with full easy-to-use functionality. Just register on our website and reserve a taxi to take the taxi of your choice to your doorstep. Finally, there is a refund option for your cabin reservation. Implemented in a way to achieve the best taxi rank, we have become the same that we always wanted to be.

Dropship the best hire vehicle servicing reaches all customer demands. Here everything is so simple, no matter if you want to rent a taxi or rent a vehicle. It would be our pleasure if you would offer the best in every way and the best travelling experiences ever in India. Since the foundation of the enterprise our taxi services are offered with the cheapest prices or tariffs, fully serviced vehicles and well educated chauffeurs.

The GTS Rent a Auto provides a great online taxi reservation system that makes taxi bookings quick and uncomplicated. Our best way is to offer our best services to the leading auto company, with everything that enhances our dependability and superiority over our online cabin services. Providing a high level of cabin services for the travelling needs of our clients.

Schedule your travel, make a taxi reservation and turn your precious travel into a memorial to your whole being. Take a convenient drive with GTS Taxi and experience a smooth travel. Renting taxis for the whole tour means that you will not be in trouble during the itinerary. It can help you with local pick-up, round-trip or one-way; you can select to reserve a taxi for pick-up only or round-trip online.

With our translucent taxi rates you will be encouraged to make a rewarding online taxi reservation in India. Promotional promotions and exlusive online taxi reservation promotions help you make a great offer that can get you to your customers' complete satisfaction with everything we offer along with the promotions.

Our focus is on our precious actions that can drive us to more growth by providing superior customer services. Our clients are valued by us, so we continue to strive to offer the best cabin reservation services ever in India. Book your taxi immediately and get your taxi right in front of your door.

Full access to our cabin services is available to anyone wishing to make their travel effective and effective with a cabin services anywhere in India. Also, schedule your tours or trips anywhere in India and enter your request for auto hire that could let you fully experience your itinerary.

Use the services today to get the best rent a car offers ever in India. When you book a taxi, you have the opportunity to receive a cashback and more. Obtain stunning taxi reservation offers throughout India and enjoy the best taxi services ever to go anywhere.

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