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There are taxis at all points of the city. homepage We use cookies to personnalisize content, tailor and measure advertisements, and increase the security of our users. For more information about our cookies and how you can control them, click here : . city taxi *8844 muasir www. city taxi.

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Taxi rates in Baku - Baku Forum

And I asked her, in Russian, how much. Then I went to the Observatory and asked the woman who sat there, in English, what a regular rate should be for the city center, and she said 30. Then the taxi rider, whom I would now call a gipsy, gave his (somewhat pathetic) consent and off we went - we even saw the lilac cabs outside and near - but I hadn't yet seen this article and didn't know about the even less expensive alternative (mea culpa!).

Arriving here at the Swan Hotel - and after a stop at a petrol stop and a ride in the open country - the chauffeur (Alek with golden teeth) pleaded with me in Russia and Azerbaijani - which I don't even know - for 35. Obviously, I was insisting, in English (I never talked to him in English), that this was not what we had come to an agreement on.

It reluctantly gave the 5 grade and then began to accurse me in a variety of tongues, some of which were very repulsive things in Russian. However, we soon drive back to the Tbilisi International Airports to catch a flight to Tbilisi: Are the lilac taxis the least expensive? Swan Hotel has 25 Manat transfers on offer, but I would like to cut a few if possible.

Airport Transfer Baku

Baku Airport Taxi Transfers offers an on-line reservation system for Baku Airport Taxi Transfers at flat rates. Meeting point at Baku airport and pick-up information can be found in your reservation confirm. If you would like an immediate Baku offer please go to the Airports Cars Rent-als website. Please see our Baku Tour page for more information.

Baku also has a mini van, mini van or mini van and a chauffeur at a set rate. It is possible to rent a vehicle without a chauffeur on demand. Company vehicles, luxurious busses for rent and limousine services for company trips. You company will profit from a fast and reliable chauffeur driven company with fast and reliable services.

The Baku International Air Lines share transportation is the most economical way to and from the Baku International Air Lines. The Baku International Bus Terminal is usually available during the high seasons. You can use the Immediate Offer Request to verify your order status.

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